Hello Kitty is a famous Japanese cartoon character known to children and adults worldwide. As a symbol of friendship and a pop-culture icon, this cute white kitten has her cafes and lines of merchandise, including clothes, plushies, and accessories. And when it comes to such products, China stands out as a hub of apparel and accessories production.

In this article, we’ll cover the best Chinese Hello Kitty stores where you can find T-shirts, plushies and stationery with the world’s most famous white cat.

There is no doubt that Hello Kitty is a global phenomenon. She was appointed twice as a UNICEF Children’s Ambassador to the US and Japan and served as Japan’s official tourism ambassador to China, making her the first fictional character to be appointed to such roles.

Currently, Hello Kitty is owned by Sanrio, a company that came up with the character back in the ‘70s. Her creators claim that Hello Kitty is “a global symbol of friendship”, which makes her even more appealing to children and young women around the world.

When it comes to Asian countries, Hello Kitty is loved not only in her home country, Japan. This kitten mascot with a simplistic but adorable “kawaii” design has many fans in China as well. Hello Kitty is adored by young women, teenagers and girls because she is perceived as a cute and feminine fashion icon.

As a result, Hello Kitty stores, theme cafes, and amusement parks remain top attractions in China and South Asia. This also explains the abundance of Hello Kitty merchandise stores on AliExpress.

Chinese sellers offer a great variety of cute products depicting your favorite character, including lunch boxes, pajamas, toys, accessories, and more. The list is almost unlimited, and we have covered only a fraction of the best spots to shop for Hello Kitty merch.

Top 10 Chinese Hello Kitty Merchandise Stores

MoonMu Store

MoonMu Store MoonMu Store
MoonMu Store MoonMu Store

Established in February 2023, the MoonMu store entered the AliExpress market with aplomb by introducing a wide range of Sanrio merchandise. Affordable, high-quality and extra cute, their stationery and accessories look so good that one might think they are delivered from original Hello Kitty stores.

Their bestselling products include a 32-piece set of adorable erasers shaped like some of the most popular Sanrio characters. In a single $30 pack you’ll find Hello Kitty and her friends, Kuromi, Pompompurin and others.

The store also features Hello Kitty plushies, water bottles, ink stamps, name tags and many, many stickers – overall there are 140+ different products to choose from!

WEDO Store

WEDO Store WEDO Store
WEDO Store WEDO Store

WEDO has been on AliExpress for quite some time; after 4 years of operations, it became known as a trusted seller of toys and action figures based on anime and cartoon characters. The store’s catalogue includes Pokemon and Bandai toys, but there is a separate category for Hello Kitty merchandise.

The Hello Kitty small figurines they offer are absolute bestsellers. Just 5 cm in size, they come in a set of 6 and can be used to decorate shelves, desktops and even cakes. One set is priced at $11, but you can purchase it for just $1 with applied discounts. The best part about each set is that you are not choosing the figurines randomly; you can have a look at what’s included in the set.

In addition to figurines, the catalogue features Hello Kitty stickers and all sorts of kawaii keychains.

Sanrio Stationery Store

Sanrio Stationery Store Sanrio Stationery Store
Sanrio Stationery Store Sanrio Stationery Store

This store is a true paradise for stationery lovers! As the name suggests, Sanrio Stationery offers pencils, erasers, pens, small notebooks, and other related products with Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty and her friends.

Customers’ favorite product from this store is a set of 12 neutral pens with Hello Kitty and other characters. These pens are not just cute – they are also erasable and thin-pointed, which makes them a useful gift for a school student.

Priced at $11 per set, these pens might seem a bit expensive, but the seller frequently offers discounts that drop the price down to $2.


Ms&Yu Ms&Yu
Ms&Yu Ms&Yu

If you are looking for Hello Kitty accessories to wear, the Ms&Yu store is the right place to start your shopping spree. Their catalogue features Hello Kitty bags of different styles and sizes – you will find anything from small cure purses to spacious backpacks.

Paying tribute to Hello Kitty’s first appearance on a vinyl coin purse, the store offers a $2 coin purse in 5 styles, each featuring a different print of Hello Kitty. When it comes to the purchase count, the purses are followed by Hello Kitty $24 travel bags and affordable $2 cosmetic bags.

Surprisingly, the catalog also includes a couple of Hello Kitty T-shirts and hoodies.


Cutebearyy Cutebearyy
Cutebearyy Cutebearyy

Cutebearyy store is new – it celebrated its first anniversary in March 2023, – but it has some of the cutest Hello Kitty jewelry and makeup accessories for young women. Most of the products draw inspiration from Hello Kitty Dream House to appeal to female customers – and, if reviews are to be believed, the store manages it quite successfully.

A simplistic $4 Hello Kitty pendant is the store’s most popular product. Customers note “excellent quality for the cheapest price” while also sharing the pictures.

You can add a $4 Hello Kitty bracelet to the bundle. The piece was inspired by Pandora bracelets: it looks cute and elegant at the same time.


Yulin7 Yulin7
Yulin7 Yulin7

Sometimes, just a keychain is not cute enough. If you want to carry Hello Kitty wherever you go, Yulin7 is your perfect shopping spot.

This small store is famous for its wide selection of Hello Kitty bags for kids and college students. Their catalog features everything from Japanese-styled school backpacks to cross-body bags (also known as messenger bags).

In fact, their Hello Kitty-shaped cross-body bag is one of the store’s bestsellers. Priced at $4, it is a perfect accessory to accentuate your outfit with a cute detail.

Lucky Kitty

Lucky Kitty Lucky Kitty
Lucky Kitty Lucky Kitty

If you are tired of trivial accessories like keychains and coin purses, the Lucky Kitty store has some unique offers up its sleeve.

Cute beer bottle openers with a Hello Kitty on them? A new Hello Kitty strap for your Apple Watch? A set of manicure tools in a cool adorable case? Lucky Kitty has it all and prides itself in its reputation as a unique merchandise seller.

Just note that the seller has an interesting pricing policy: all the products are discounted so as not to exceed $5, while their original prices are higher. Kinda looks like a fake discount!

KK Funy Toy

KK Funy Toy KK Funy Toy
KK Funy Toy KK Funy Toy

Have you ever heard about Gachapon capsule toys? These are small figurines which can be randomly won in gachapon machines in Japan.

What makes these figurines unique is the fact that normally they can’t be bought in stores; you must either ‘win’ them in gachapon or exchange them with someone. KK Funy Toy solved this problem by selling all the Sanrio gacha toys on their page including our bellowed Hello Kitty.

Priced at $2-5 per toy, these figurines are perfect collectibles. They can be placed on a shelf or used to decorate your desktop to make it even cuter.

Spice Girls Store

Spice Girls Store Spice Girls Store
Spice Girls Store Spice Girls Store

Have you always dreamt about adorable Hello Kitty pajamas? Then make sure to check the Spice Girls Store – the ultimate e-shopping destination for those who want to buy some thematic apparel.

Their catalog features Hello Kitty fleece pajama pants for $6, a comfy and cute outfit for home wear; warm Hello Kitty slippers for less than $9, additional accessories, and even underwear! That’s indeed a unique selection.

Just note that without the discounts, their catalog appears pricey, so it is recommended to wait for special offers.

B2C 3C

B2C 3C B2C 3C
B2C 3C B2C 3C

Despite having a very generic store name, B2C 3C focuses solely on adorable Sanrio characters – even its main page uses cute posters and features Sanrio character descriptions. In addition to Hello Kitty, you’ll find a collection of Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, and MyMelody merchandise.

The catalog is conveniently divided by product categories. There is a small selection of Hello Kitty apparel (pajamas and bedding sets), storage boxes, stationery, bags, and miscellaneous products – each one cuter than the previous.

However, note that the prices in this store are slightly higher compared to other vendors on AliExpress, so it is better to wait for discounts.

Hello Kitty is Not a Cat

Did you know that Hello Kitty is not, in fact, a kitty?

This surprising fact is often overlooked by her fans, but it has been confirmed by Sanrio that Hello Kitty is not a cat. She is a ‘personification of a cat’ – something called ‘gijinka’ in Japan, or an anthropomorphic depiction of a Japanese Bobtail cat.

Hello Kitty even has a name! Her real name is Kitty White; she lives in London with her parents and younger sister Mimmy, who is also frequently featured in merchandise alongside her. She also has a boyfriend named Dear Daniel.

Hello Kitty celebrates her birthday on November 1st. She enjoys spending time with her friends, which perfectly corresponds with the theme of the character.

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