Reviews are one of the most effective ways to evaluate a seller’s integrity and the quality of their goods on AliExpress. But not all the customers leave feedback. Some do not have time, and some are just too lazy to do it. However, you should! In this article, we will discuss why it is so important to share your opinion on AliExpress and how to leave feedback.

What makes it important to rate sellers and items on AliExpress?

AliExpress gives customers 30 days to write and post a review after the delivery confirmation. If, for whatever reason, you do not write a few words about your order’s quality and do not rate it within 30 days, the seller will automatically get a “5-star” rating on the following parameters:

  • the product is true to description;
  • communication with the seller;
  • delivery speed.

The store’s rating is based on these parameters. Thus, if you do not write reviews, the rating will be “excellent” by default. However, the seller might be ingenuine, and his products of low-quality.


For example, this store has many positive reviews. Let us take a closer look at one of the items from its catalogue and see how the rating was calculated.


This item has 5 reviews, of which only 2 were written by real customers, and the remaining 3 are automatic ‘5-stars’. Out of the 2 real reviews, only one rated the item as “5 stars” (before opening the package), and the other rated the quality as “1 star”. However, due to automatic positive reviews from those too lazy to write actual reviews, the seller has an inaccurate high rating.


Of course, these empty “5-stars” can be posted by a real customer who did not want to write anything but rated the order just for the record. Still, it is advisable not to trust such reviews.


For example, let’s examine an item from a different store (refer to the picture above). It has 71 reviews, providing ample information for new customers to decide whether they should order from this store. With the majority of reviews being positive, the seller can be deemed trustworthy.


Authentic reviews serve as a reliable guarantee for other customers. It is easier to decide whether you should buy something or not based on real pictures and having learned various nuances (like performance, packaging, or speed of delivery). So, it is important to leave reviews on AliExpress.

How do you leave feedback on AliExpress?

AliExpress does not allow customers to rate the store and its items without making a purchase, which is reasonable. You can only write reviews about completed orders, e.g., the orders delivered and confirmed either manually or after the buyer’s protection period has expired. This means that to write a review your order must have a “Completed” status.

To confirm the receipt of your order and leave feedback, follow these steps:

1. On the website, go to the ‘My Orders’ section in the «Account» menu of your profile.


2. Find the order you need and confirm its receipt by clicking on the corresponding button:


3. In the next window, click on this button again, ticking the box next to the item you received.

4. AliExpress will ask for your confirmation before completing the order. Once confirmed, you will be redirected to the feedback page.

5. On this page you can:

  • rate delivery time, communication with the seller and the accuracy of product description;
  • in the text box, you can leave a couple of sentences as feedback;
  • by clicking on the “Upload pictures” button, you can add up to five photos;
  • you can leave feedback either anonymously or using your real name – for this, tick the corresponding box.


6. To save and publish your review, click on “Leave Feedback”.

Important note! You cannot edit your feedback once it is posted. However, if needed, you can add additional feedback later. But it is better to write everything in one go.

What to write in feedback?

Usually, the following is included:

  • Condition of the items received e.g., packaging quality, presence or absence of any defects.
  • First impression – are the product’s description and performance accurate?
  • How long did the delivery take and whether the store’s delivery terms correspond to reality?
  • Have you communicated with the seller, was he helpful with answering any questions you had?

It would not hurt to add pictures to your review. Photos provide additional information and can help future customers make their own decisions. So, make sure to add at least a couple of pictures.

7. After you post your feedback, AliExpress will thank you and offer to manage your previous reviews.

Your feedback will become visible after the seller responds to it and rates you as well. Positive reviews usually become visible within a couple of days. As for the negative feedback, sellers will stall for time for obvious reasons. In this case, the platform will automatically make a negative review visible after 30 days.


  • Do not write negative reviews about the seller if they assisted in solving your issue or if the postal service is to blame for the problem (parcel was lost, packaging or the contents were damaged, etc.).
  • Rude sellers, and especially scammers, should be taught a lesson. If you are ever in a situation like this, make sure to mention the seller’s attitude in your feedback – that way other customers will know that it is best to avoid this store.

How can you leave feedback on AliExpress if the order is completed?

What if, for whatever reason, you do not want to leave feedback right away? Let’s say you want to assess the product first and then express your opinion.

In this case, just close the feedback page. You can return to it once you are ready, but it should not be later than 30 calendar days from the moment your order was completed.

Option 1. Go to your account, then to the “My orders” page, and find the completed order you want to review. Click on the corresponding button and follow the steps mentioned earlier in this article.


Option 2. Go to the “My orders” page and click on “Feedback” in the “Account” menu on your left. You will be redirected to your account’s “Manage Feedback” page, where you can find orders waiting for your feedback. Click on the one you want to review.


How to leave feedback for the order which was not delivered?

If the parcel was lost or sent to the wrong address, you need to open a dispute to reimburse your money.

If the product you purchased never reached you, you will not be able to review it even if the dispute is resolved in your favor. It makes sense: you have not received the product so there is nothing to review.

How can you leave additional feedback on AliExpress?

Once posted, a review cannot be edited or deleted, but AliExpress gives you 150 calendar days to leave additional feedback, which is very convenient.

  • The quality of the product might seem good at the beginning, but you may face some issues later. In such cases, you absolutely should warn future customers by leaving additional feedback.
  • On the other hand, you can confirm that the product is good after testing it for some time.

How can you do that?

1. Go to your account on AliExpress, then go to “My orders”.

2. Using the “Account” menu on your left, go to the “Feedback” page. After you get redirected, click on the “Reviews by You” button to access your previous reviews.

3. Find a review you want to add additional details to and click on the “Reply to Feedback” option. Note that it states the exact number of days left for you to comment on your feedback.


4. You will get redirected to the page with your initial text and a small window for additional feedback (maximum 1000 characters). You can also add pictures (no more than 5).


5. To post your additional comments, click on the “Leave Feedback” button. Once shared, your text will be automatically translated into 18 languages by the platform itself. In some cases, the translation might seem a bit tacky, but customers will still understand what you were trying to share.

You cannot give any more stars on this page, so the rating you gave to the product initially will remain the same. But at least you will warn other customers that you were wrong about the seller or the product when you were leaving your initial feedback. Or, on the contrary, if your feedback was positive from the beginning, you can reassure customers that the item is worth the money.


Whether to post a couple of words right after unpacking your order or test it first and then write an extensive review depends solely on you as an AliExpress customer. But we can recommend the following:

  • After receiving your package, carefully check it for any damage.
  • While unpacking, record the process on your phone.

You cannot add a video to your review. But it will help you in case you need to open a dispute because there are some issues with the product.

  • If it is an electronic gadget, turn it on and carefully examine it while noting every detail visually.
  • Test the product for a couple of days or even a week.
  • Evaluate its performance, note all the pros and cons, and whether it corresponds to the description.
  • Write an extensive review (no more than 1000 characters) and add some pictures. Make sure to mention that the product was tested.
  • If in the next five months you encounter any issues with your product, then you can easily leave additional feedback.

In that case, you can give an adequate assessment of the seller’s honesty and the integrity of the store’s products. In the future, your detailed review will help someone save money or force the seller to rethink his ways of conducting the business. Wishing you a five-star shopping experience!

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