Tracking orders on AliExpress is quite a quest. While experienced customers of this Chinese marketplace have learned to react calmly when random words appear in their tracking information, new users might get confused when seeing updates like “object routed”. What does it mean? Should you be worried? To calm your nerves, we will answer the second question straight away, so you don’t have to search for the answer somewhere in this article. “Object routed” status is a simple technical update, and nothing wrong happens with your parcel if this status appears.

Object routed status on AliExpress – what does it mean?

If, while tracking their parcel on AliExpress, a customer sees the “object routed” status update, the first step to take is to figure out what it means – especially when the tracking status remains the same for a long time with no further updates. We assure you that your order is on its way, so don’t worry.

The ‘object routed’ status appears when you choose AliExpress Standard Shipping as a delivery method. Since it is the most popular among all delivery options, many customers can receive this status update. Forums are full of inquiries about the ‘routed’ status and its meaning. Some users even say that if your tracking information shows an ‘object routed’ status and it doesn’t change, it means that your parcel is lost and most likely won’t reach you at all. This is not the case!

This status provides technical information for internal services. You’ll possibly get this update in two cases:

  • Parcel is in China, and it is being checked in a sorting center. Once all preparatory procedures are completed, it will be handed over for delivery. In this case, the status will change to “Forwarded to International Shipments”. The status has changed, so it is time to celebrate because your parcel is loaded on a plane and on its way to you.
  • Your parcel is currently in a transit country, for example, Lithuania. There it is also being transported from place to place until the parcel is forwarded to the country of destination. The situation remains the same – your parcel is moving, even though you can’t track it. In this scenario, once all postal procedures are finished, the status will update to “Received by line-haul”.

In summary, ‘object routed’ in tracking info should be interpreted as the movement of your parcel within China, and in rare cases, in the transit country.

As for buyers who think that the ‘object routed’ status is associated with a lost package, their opinions are based on cases when the status doesn’t change at all. Due to whatever reasons, it does not update. Most likely, technical issues or postal workers’ negligence is to blame. In reality, parcels still reach their destination, even though they no longer can be tracked. Fingers crossed, AliExpress’ tech support team will address numerous customer complaints and fix this system glitch.

Object routed – how long to wait after receiving this status update

It is difficult to answer how long you will have to wait after the Object routed status appears in your tracking info, as many factors affect the delivery progress:

  • Working days and holidays in China – China Post and courier services don’t work during holidays. As a result, delivery can be delayed.
  • Warehouses and/or sorting centers workload – during certain periods, especially before big holidays, there are many orders, and processing them takes more time.
  • Courier service efficiency – the human factor can affect anything.
  • Size of the parcel – as a rule, big orders get processed first, while small ones get lost in the pile of similar small parcels.
  • Customs service speed.

The task of identifying delivery time is complicated by the fact that your parcel is still in China. However, it’s on its way to your destination and will surely be delivered. So don’t perceive the ‘Object routed’ status as something negative. Keep waiting and checking the tracking info from time to time. We wish you good shopping, fast shipping, and clear tracking information updates!

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