AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the most popular shipping options on AliExpress, available at most stores on the website.

This method is usually free of charge, but you might need to pay a small fee if the item you are ordering is inexpensive. In this article, we will take a closer look at AliExpress Standard Shipping, its benefits, and how to track parcels handled by this service.

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a delivery service owned by AliExpress through its logistics company – the Cainiao Network. It works and operates in the following manner:

  • customer places an order;
  • the seller prepares it for shipment and handles it over to Cainiao warehouse;
  • the package is processed at the warehouse, and the best delivery mode and route are identified based on the provided address details;
  • in addition, all shipping disputes are solved immediately with the AliExpress Dispute Team acting as a mediator, which saves your time and minimizes the chances of getting scammed by the seller.

In fact, AliExpress Standard Shipping is not a company but a service that acts as a mediator and helps with:

  • providing tracking information for your package both in China and internationally;
  • ensuring compliance with the specified delivery times, which usually takes around 15-45 days;
  • quickly resolving disputes and refunding money in cases when a parcel is lost and not delivered to the customer.

The delivery itself is handled by major postal services such as Hongkong Post, China Post and others.

How to choose AliExpress Standard Shipping

By default, AliExpress will automatically assign the best shipping method when you place an order. So, AliExpress Standard Shipping will most likely be the default choice for your case as well, unless a cheaper and faster option is available.

To manually choose AliExpress Standard Shipping for your order, go to the item’s page and click on “Delivery”:

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

In the new window, choose the AliExpress Standard Shipping method. Pay attention to the shipping fees.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

By the way, if you want to receive your parcel faster (in 1-2 weeks), look at the AliExpress Premium Shipping. If its fees are low, then it is better to choose it.


1. If the parcel is handled by AliExpress Standard Shipping, you’ll receive an international tracking number once your package is received by the postal service. You can find your tracking number in your orders list by clicking on the “Track Order” button of the corresponding order.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

On the next page, you can find the tracking number on the right side under the chosen shipping method.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Once you receive the tracking number, you can track your parcel on our website.

2. As you can see in the screenshots, the AliExpress Standard Shipping method allows you to track your parcel on the AliExpress website itself, so you won’t need to use external services.

How to do that? To track your parcel, go to your orders page and follow the steps mentioned earlier. The tracking details will be updated regularly based on the parcel’s status.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

By choosing the AliExpress Standard Shipping method, customers can be assured that they will regularly receive tracking updates, whether the parcel is in its origin country or has already reached the country of destination.

Where are the parcels delivered?

Parcels sent via AliExpress Standard Shipping are delivered by local postal services in the destination country. This means that you’ll be able to receive your parcel at the local post office, or, for smaller parcels, they will be delivered directly to your home address or postbox.

What if the parcel is lost?

If a parcel handled by AliExpress Standard Shipping gets lost or doesn’t reach the destination country by the estimated shipping time, you should open a dispute. In this case, the dispute will be automatically escalated and quickly resolved by the AliExpress Dispute Team. Not having to contact the seller also reduces the risk of scams.

Here is what the process usually looks like:

  • the customer opens a dispute to refund money for the lost package;
  • dispute automatically escalates, skipping the 15-day waiting period;
  • AliExpress Dispute Team reviews the issue and resolves the dispute;
  • if the dispute is resolved in your favor, wait for a refund. If not, provide additional proof and try to explain your issue in more detail.


Customer feedback for AliExpress Standard Shipping is mixed, with some positive and some negative reviews.

I often receive parcels using this shipping method and rarely face any issues. I’ve consistently received my parcels on time.

However, my last order was sent to the wrong address. When I found this out, I made screenshots from a couple of tracking services and added them as evidence to the dispute. Based on this information, the AliExpress Dispute Team resolved the issue in my favour and issued a refund.


AliExpress Standard Shipping service is a great and convenient method for both parties, because:

  • it is free of charge (or very affordable);
  • relatively fast;
  • provides easy-to-access tracking information;
  • reliable (to a degree).

That’s it, wish you happy shopping!

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