Providing correct address details is important when ordering from AliExpress. Writing your shipping address just once is enough because the system will save it for future purchases.

But what should you do if you find a mistake in your shipping information after the order is already paid for and placed? Don’t worry, you can resolve it. It is important to do it before the parcel is shipped; otherwise, you won’t be able to update your address details. However, in some cases, you can receive your order even if the shipping details are incorrect (examples will be provided later).

In this article, I’ll share several methods for resolving mistakes in your shipping address on AliExpress.

Here’s the situation: you have placed an order and paid for it, but after a while, you noticed that the wrong shipping address was used. There is no need to panic, because the seller needs time to process and ship the package, which gives you an opportunity to fix your mistake.

What should you do?

Method 1. The easiest and the most reliable method is to cancel the order, update your shipping information and then reorder your item.

The pros are that by canceling the order, you will save yourself from worrying about whether the seller will update the info or miss the message and send the parcel to the wrong address.

The cons are as follows:

  • If you used discount coupons, they will not be reimbursed.
  • The same is true for the sale discounts. In case the sale ends before you reorder, the price is going to increase.
  • After you cancel the order, your money will be reimbursed only within 5-20 days.

Canceled your order? Excellent. Before placing another one, make sure to update your shipping information. To do it, go to your account on AliExpress, then “My Orders – Shipping address”.

What to do if you entered the wrong address on Aliexpress when ordering

To learn more about it, check out another article: How to change your shipping address on AliExpress.

Method 2. If you don’t want to lose discounts, try the following:

  • Go to “My Orders” and find the one you need to update shipping information for;
  • Click on the chat icon to contact the seller;

What to do if you entered the wrong address on Aliexpress when ordering

  • You will be redirected to the Message Center. The latest message will contain the relevant order information, including its number, price and status. To leave a note for the seller about changes to your shipping information, simply type it in the chat.

What to do if you entered the wrong address on Aliexpress when ordering

  • In your message, make sure to mention that there is a mistake in the shipping address and that the parcel should be sent to a different address. Add the updated address, double check the info and send the message.

You can use the following template:

Dear friend, I have entered an incorrect shipping address. Please ship my order to the following updated address: [insert updated shipping information].

All you need to do after that is wait for the seller’s response. If the seller does not respond for more than a day, we recommend canceling the order, waiting for the cancellation confirmation from the store (this is important), and then reordering the item.

What to do if the order is already shipped

Things get difficult here, but there is still a small chance you’ll receive your parcel.

To rectify the situation, try the following:

  • Track your parcel on AliExpress or external tracking websites.
  • After the parcel reaches your country, wait for its status to change to ‘Arrived at the post office’ or something similar.
  • Try to reach out to your local post office or to the one which received your parcel and explain the situation.
  • Provide proof or any relevant documents, if needed.

If only the address details are incorrect, but the name and phone number match the information provided, then the post office is most likely going to deliver the parcel to you.

This method only applies to cases where the buyer submitted the wrong shipping details. In case the shipping information was correct, but the seller still sent the parcel to the wrong address, then you need to open a dispute and ask for reimbursement. You can read about it in this article.

That’s it! Happy shopping!

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