Tracking packages ordered from AliExpress can be exciting and nerve-wracking. The status of your parcel will constantly change, and sometimes, even experienced buyers find it difficult to decipher all these updates. One of them is the “object in transition – please wait”. Should you be worried about this? Is everything alright with your order, and how long will you have to wait for your parcel to reach you after receiving this status update? We can answer most of these questions straight away. Your parcel is perfectly fine, so don’t worry – you’ll receive it very soon!

Object in transition please wait

What does this status mean for the customer?

So, what does the “object in transition – please wait” tracking status mean for the customer? Nothing special. This status shows that your parcel is being delivered to the country of destination by going through different stages. For example, the package is being processed at various sorting centers. The location of the sorting centers depends on the delivery service, which can be either regular post or a paid courier. Your parcel is going to be handed over for delivery, and later, the tracking status will update to “out for delivery at the local delivery center,” meaning that you’ll receive it shortly.

Another reason behind the “object in transition – please wait” status update is the change of delivery method. In this case, the next status update will be shown as “delivery method changed, please contact the carrier”. There is no need to panic. Because of some technical issues, your AliExpress parcel will be delivered to another pickup point. This can happen if the delivery method you chose is overloaded, so your parcel will be handed over to the post instead of a courier. Either way, it will reach your destination.

How long to wait for the parcel after the status update

So how long do you have to wait after the “object in transition – please wait” status update appears? Perhaps this is the key question for most of the customers. The good thing is that the parcel is already in your country. So, you need to wait for just a little while longer.

It is difficult to name a specific timeframe for your delivery, but as a rule, it doesn’t exceed a couple of weeks. However, in practice, the parcel is usually delivered 3 days after this status update appears.

Wishing you good shopping and fast deliveries!


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