These days all roads lead to AliExpress. Thanks to the impressive range of products, you can find anything from apparel to home decorations. But buyers always become hesitant when it comes to high-end electronics – such as iPhones, for example. Can you buy an original model on AliExpress, or are all of them counterfeits? In this article, we will explore the topic and cover the best AliExpress vendors who have iPhones in stock.

iPhones on AliExpress: Are They Original or Counterfeit?

AliExpress sells everything – original products, high-quality replicas and even fakes (which, thankfully, get removed quickly due to the policies). But when it comes to smartphones and high-tech electronics, one can’t help but wonder – are they original or fake?

The short answer is yes, but there is more to it. If you search for iPhones on AliExpress, the platform will offer you plenty of options. According to the description, most of them are genuine Apple products with warranties covered. But if that is the case, why more people are not buying iPhones from AliExpress?

The truth is that the smartphones offered might be refurbished or defective: AliExpress stores acquire them, repair them, and then sell them at a discounted price.

Of course, there are cases where counterfeit products are sold under the pretense of genuine ones, but AliExpress usually removes such stores.

To sum up, AliExpress can be a great platform to discover your options but pay particular attention to stores that claim to sell original iPhone products. Watch the number of orders, study the customer reviews, and stay in touch with the seller – these easy steps will help you avoid any mistakes.

Top 10 Stores on AliExpress to Buy iPhone



Being present on the market for 11 years helped the TOP CPE store to become a trusted reseller of smartphones, accessories, and other electronic appliances. Currently, their store page has 236,000 subscribers, and the numbers continue to grow with each month.

The store knows that there is little sense in selling fake iPhone 15: everyone knows that the latest models can be bought only through authorized resellers. Instead, TOP CPE focuses on the past models of iPhone, such as the iPhone 6S, S7 and 8 Plus.

Note that the iPhones offered at this store are no longer supported by Apple and won’t receive any updates. Also, while the accessories included in the package are brand new, they are not original Apple products. However, for a price of less than $100, it is a stellar deal.

Sen Yuan

Sen Yuan

Sen Yuan HK is another tech store with a long history. It has been present on AliExpress for 11 years, and is trusted by more than 77,500 customers, who are currently subscribed to their store.

Sen Yuan has chosen a strategy of selling obsolete iPhones as well. Models like 7S, 6S, and 5S won’t receive any updates from the original manufacturer, but they come with a 1-year warranty. Also note that the phones are not brand new, although they have been tested and refurbished to work properly.

All these shortcomings are sweetened by the prices. For example, an iPhone 7 Plus initially costs around $180, but with regular discounts, the price drops to $130.



Compared to previous stores on our list, Comwingo doesn’t just offer you obsolete iPhones. They have some relatively new (by AliExpress standards) models as well, such as the iPhone 8 series. And you can trust this seller to offer you a decent deal, given that almost 140,000 customers around the world are subscribed to the CINGO store page.

Going back to products, the store offers an unlocked original iPhone 8 for as low as $180 with all the discounts and coupons applied. Also, the store offers some attractive bundles: for an additional price you can get a charger, a data cable, and earphones (not Apple-manufactured).

As a note, the smartphones are refurbished, but the seller conducts quality inspections before shipping the product.



Hsenivo doesn’t focus on Apple products only but specializes in a wider range of international smartphone brands. In addition to iPhones, they have old models of Samsung and Sony mobile phones, and even something as old as BlackBerry.

If you’re looking for a refurbished iPhone, Hsenivo offers a limited selection of obsolete smartphones for your consideration. There are iPhone 4, 5, 7 and 8 series for sale, available in bundles with accessories and different types of charger adapters (UK, EU and US plugs).

For the prices, a refurbished 32GB iPhone 7 will cost you around $150, and you’ll also get a random gift from the seller.

Trendy Fun

Trendy Fun

Visiting Trendy Fun store will give you plenty of 2000-s flashbacks. They still sell keypad phones and the oldest models of Samsung smartphones running on the very first version of the Android operating system (OS).

However, when it comes to Apple products, Trendy Fun has many surprises in store. It is one of the few sellers on AliExpress that offer iPhone XS, 11 and 12 models (Pro versions included).

Of course, these smartphones are refurbished and were previously owned by others. The store just changes the battery and makes sure that there are no visible scratches on the phone.

With discounts and special offers, you can purchase an iPhone 12 Pro for $700. According to one of the reviews, the product is genuine, but it looks worn out and doesn’t support Apple Store updates.

EK Mobile

EK Mobile

EK Mobile is a new store on the market. It has been registered on AliExpress for more than a year now and has a small count of subscribers, not exceeding 500 customers.

The reason we included EK in our rating is the impressive product range backed by some reviews. For example, an Apple iPhone 13 is available for $500: it has a purchase count of 100 and a few positive reviews. “Where is the catch?”, you’ll ask.

Well, the thing is that there is no information indicating that the phone has been refurbished and which parts were replaced. This raises concerns about whether it’s a genuine Apple product or a counterfeit overlooked by AliExpress. We suggest you study the reviews carefully before making an order or even contact the seller for details.

Super Tech Espana

Super Tech Espana

Just like the previous store, Espana has been on the market for almost a year, but it’s doing better in terms of subscribers. Currently, the store has more than 1300 regular customers and a wide range of tech products available – from gaming laptops to refurbished smartphones.

Surprisingly enough Espana offers an iPhone 15 for sale. A complete bundle with charger and accessories will cost you around $1000. But with more than 500 orders, there are no customer reviews available. It’s possible that the seller removes them for a reason.

True Mobile

True Mobile

True Mobile has been on the AliExpress tech market for a couple of years now, so it can be trusted. Currently, the store has more than 30k subscribers, and the store catalogue is frequently updated to keep customers interested.

Current offers include iPhone X for $620-770 and iPhone 8 for $300. Of course, the phones are not brand new, and the charger or accessories included in the box will not be original.

Still, it is a good option if, for whatever reason, you are looking for a cheap phone or need certain spare parts for an iPhone.



Compared to other iPhone resellers on AliExpress, Globalstar can be considered older. It was first opened 11 years ago. While it is not the most popular smartphone vendor on the platform, Globalstar still has some decent deals to offer.

The store doesn’t focus only on Apple products: you’ll find Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry phones as well. As for the iPhones, you’ll find used models like XS, 12 Mini, 7 Plus, 5S, and so on – basically, most of the obsolete Apple smartphones that are no longer supported with updates.

Prices are reasonable as well – the iPhone 7 can be bought for as low as $150. Regular discounts are available too, which makes shopping even more enjoyable.

ZZH Mobile-Tech

ZZH Mobile-Tech

We’ll end our list with the ZZH Mobile-Tech store – a small AliExpress-based reseller specializing in old BlackBerry and Samsung phones, as well as refurbished iPhones.

Apple iPhone 7 (both regular and Plus versions) is the store’s absolute bestseller. Priced at $200, it is available in two different packages – simple (including only cable and charger) and standard (including earphones, a manual, a box, a silicone case, and a screen protector).

Of course, the phones are not brand new, and the accessories are not genuine Apple products, so keep this in mind.

Can I Buy an iPhone 15 on AliExpress?

iPhone 15 is the latest smartphone by Apple, which was unveiled in September 2023. Since that moment customers around the world have wanted to get their hands on the most technologically advanced smartphone to date, but the price of $1000 is formidable for many.

You might wonder, can I save money and buy an iPhone 15 on AliExpress instead? While AliExpress is a great platform to shop for tech, our answer is no.

The chances of finding an original iPhone 15 on AliExpress are close to zero. Even if you find some offers, they are probably counterfeits which are going to be removed from the platform due to customer protection policies.

However, finding an old iPhone on AliExpress is more than plausible. Just make sure to keep your eyes open for deals and discounts.

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