We don’t just love mechanical keyboards for the pleasant ‘clicking’ sound they make while typing. A mechanical keyboard is a vast improvement in the working and gaming experience because it is often designed to reduce the load on your hands and wrists. It doesn’t hurt that they flaunt sophisticated designs with backlight support, adding a unique touch to your desk setup.

In this article, we’ll review the top mechanical keyboards available on AliExpress – the best place to find good deals.

How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard

Choosing the right mechanical keyboard doesn’t require deep expertise, but it is still good to have a clear understanding of what you need. Among all specifications, here is the short list of what you should look for in the first place.

  • Keyboard Layout. To put it simply, the layout shows how many keys there are on the keyboard. A 100% layout means that you’ll get a full-size keyboard with 104-108 keys, but devices offered on AliExpress are usually limited to 90% to 60% compact layouts.
  • Connection Mode. There are wireless and wired keyboards. While it’s clear with wired devices, wireless keyboards can use 2.4G or Bluetooth to connect with your PC, laptop, or any other device. Also, they can be rechargeable or use batteries, so consider this before making a purchase.
  • Design. This parameter includes key positioning, support of RGB backlight, hot-swappable keys, the so-called anti-slip ‘legs’ or ‘feet’ and so on – all of the tiny elements which contribute to the keypad’s usability and design.
Model Keyboard Standard, Keys Style Backlight Type Aliexpress
10 GK410 104 Standard MULTICOLOR View
9 HXSJ V200 RGB Gaming Keyboard 68 Standard, Gaming, Mini MULTICOLOR View
8 SYNHWEI Keyboard 104 Retro Punk Round Keycap MULTICOLOR View
7 LEAVEN K620 Mini Standard MULTICOLOR View
6 K68 (by Ziyoulang) 68 Standard View
5 Aigo A100 100 Projection Keyboard No backlight View
4 E-YOOSO Z686 68 Multimedia MULTICOLOR View
3 SKYLION G300 104 Standard MULTICOLOR View
2 Machenike K500 94 Gaming MULTICOLOR View
1 REDRAGON Fizz K617 Mini Multifunctional Keyboard MULTICOLOR View

Top 10 Mechanical Keyboards from AliExpress

10. GK410


Specs: Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys, Style: Standard, Keycup material: ABS plastic, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

The design of the GK410 keyboard just screams ‘made for gaming’: backlight-supported translucent keys on a black metal panel look amazing in the dark and provide an outstanding typing experience.

The general layout consists of 104 keys. Among them, the F1-F10 keys are multifunctional and provide additional control options for multimedia settings. As for the backlight, it can be customized by using relevant key combinations. Keycaps are resistant to fading and scratches, meaning you won’t need to buy keyboard stickers.

The keyboard is designed ergonomically to reduce the load on your hands and wrists. Keys are placed at high and low levels to create a ‘golden angle’.

Regarding the reviews, some customers complain that the keyboard can slide on a table, so it is recommended to buy an anti-slip mat.


9. HXSJ V200 RGB Gaming Keyboard

HXSJ V200 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Specs: Keyboard Standard: 68 Keys; Style: Standard, Gaming, Mini, For Laptop, Multifunctional Keyboard, See all.

The HXSJ V200 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a compact, portable keyboard with RGB backlighting and a removable USB-C cable. It has 68 keys in a 60% layout and uses membrane switches, providing a quieter typing experience compared to mechanical keyboards. The RGB backlighting offers multiple color options and effects that can be customized.

Despite being membrane, the keys have a satisfying feel and sound that mimics mechanical keyboards, but it lacks anti-hosting technology. The keyboard is compatible with IOS and Windows laptops and computers. The small form factor saves desk space while still providing arrow keys and common shortcuts.

There are some reports of keycaps having minor finish issues. Overall, it offers solid performance for a budget-friendly price, making it a good option for basic gaming and typing needs if you prefer a quieter keyboard.


8. SYNHWEI Keyboard

SYNHWEI Keyboard

Specs: Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys, Style: Retro Punk Round Keycap, Keycup material: ABS plastic, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

A keyboard by SYNHWEI features a unique retro-style design with soft backlighting and round keycaps. The case itself is thickened and supported by legs to create a ‘golden angle’ for increased comfort and reduced strain on your hands.

F1-F12 keys support multimedia functions, so despite the limited layout, you’ll still have many control options.

There are many designs available (on a side note: quite often they are characterized as “feminine” by customers) with pink, blue, white and purple key combinations, as well as various backlight settings.

Customers say that the keyboard is indeed ‘beautiful’, but at the same time, the device looks a little fragile, so it is advised not to drop it.


7. LEAVEN K620

Best AliExpress Mechanical Keyboards in 2024

Specs: Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard, Style: Standard, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

This $45 mechanical keyboard features a decent price-performance ratio, with almost 100 positive reviews and 800+ orders on AliExpress. These are good numbers for something so compact.

Small size is achieved by leaving only 60% of the layout with 61 mechanical keys. The case is equipped with anti-slip legs to provide stability and prevent slipping, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

The keyboard also supports an RGB backlight with 9 color modes (such as dynamic breathing or pulsing), which can be customized or even turned off when you need to concentrate. The manufacturer claims that the keyboard’s lifespan is around 50 million pressings.

Among reviews, a couple of customers complained that some of the keys were defective upon delivery and in need of replacement.


6. K68 (by Ziyoulang)

K68 (by Ziyoulang)

Specs: Keyboard Standard: 68 keys, Style: Standard, See all.

Small and compact, the K68 wireless keyboard supports 2.4G and Bluetooth modes of connection, providing stable synchronization with your devices.

The layout consists of 68 keys, and while some customers consider it ‘expensive’ at almost $70, the simplified design makes it a perfect choice for work and study. For power, the keypad uses two No.7 batteries, which can last for almost half a year, or even longer, depending on usage.

For increased comfort, the keypad uses a ‘golden angle’ layout, meaning that the keys are placed in line with finger trajectory. Such a design reduces the load on your hands and wrists, which is important for those who type a lot.

As for customer impressions, among the 130+ reviews, there are only a couple of ‘2-star’ ratings with no specific reasons provided.


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5. Aigo A100

Aigo A100

Specs: Keyboard Standard: 100 Keys, Style: Projection Keyboard, Keycup material: PBT plastic, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: No backlight, See all.

For a cable-free design keyboard, the Aigo A100 offers a perfect rechargeable solution for less than $60.

The device is equipped with a 1200 mAh LiPo battery. Once fully charged for 2 hours, it provides around 90 days of autonomy. But even if you are not a big fan of wireless keyboards, you still can connect it via 1.5 meters cable, switching the connection modes as you want.

The layout consists of 100 fully hot-swappable mechanical keys that are pleasant to the touch, thanks to the unique PBT keycap texture. An additional bonus is a sophisticated design available in two color combinations – white/brown and black/orange. The keyboard is quick to respond to commands and key combinations, which are essential for gaming and work use.

As for cons, some customers complained that the seller forgot to include a wireless receiver in the package, which made it impossible to switch between connection modes.


4. E-YOOSO Z686


Specs: Keyboard Standard: 68 keys, Style: Multimedia, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

For those who are looking for a slim and compact mechanical keyboard suitable for office use, the Z686 by E-YOOSO offers everything that one might need to type comfortably.

It is not as cheap as other keyboards with more keys, but at a base price of $60-70, you’ll get a 60% compact layout available in English, Russian, and Portuguese languages. The device is extremely durable, featuring metal panels and legs for a better angle and stability on a table.

The keys are hot-swappable, meaning that you can customize the keyboard with your switches. And among 600+ reviews, there are just a couple of complaints about non-configured keys.




Specs: Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys, Style: Standard, Keycup material: ABS plastic, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

The G300 by Skylion is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards available on AliExpress. With a base price of $46, it can be bought for less than $20 thanks to the regular discounts offered by the store.

With more than 3,000 orders and 800+ positive reviews, it features 104 keys and 28 mixed backlight modes for precise customization.

The shape and general layout are ergonomic as well, with keypads aligned in line with finger movement trajectory, ensuring a comfortable feel while typing and gaming. In addition, F1-F12 keys are multipurpose, giving you access to additional multimedia functions.

While most of the reviews are positive, some customers complain about poor delivery – the box can arrive shattered, with possible damage to the keyboard inside.


2. Machenike K500

Machenike K500

Specs: Keyboard Standard: 94 Keys, Style: Gaming, Keycup material: PBT plastic, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

A mechanical keyboard by Machenike has over 5,000 orders and 1,000+ reviews on AliExpress, making it one of the top-rated products on the market. With a price of $70-80, it offers a 90% layout (94 keys) for maximum access to all essential multimedia and gaming functions. To be more precise, there are 18 multifunctional keys for volume and video player settings.

A hot-swappable anti-ghosting design allows for easy key replacement: you can use most of the 3-pin mechanical switches available on the market. As for the default keys, they feature a PBT shot injection keycap and anti-fade design, ensuring that the marks won’t get erased over time.

And like any good gaming keypad, the K500 has an impressive RGB backlight with 16.8 million LED colors, meaning that its customization is nearly limitless.

As for the minor drawbacks, some customers reported that they received a keyboard with “faulty red light keys”, meaning that only blue and green lights were working.


1. REDRAGON Fizz K617

Best AliExpress Mechanical Keyboards in 2024

Specs: Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard, Style: Multifunctional Keyboard, Wrist Support: No, Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR, See all.

If you have been looking for the best mechanical keypad AliExpress has to offer, then look no further – Redragon Fizz is an undisputed bestseller with more than 10,000 orders and 2,000+ positive reviews.

For less than $80, you’ll get a compact gaming keyboard with full rollover of 61 keys and an adjustable RGB backlight. It’s highly portable as well since the device features a detachable cable for easier transportation or desk setup.

And you’ll enjoy the soft and quiet mechanical switches, which can be fully replaced with other switches manufactured by Redragon. In addition, the keyboard is highly customizable, offering more than 20 backlight setups for your gaming sessions.

Among many positive reviews, there are some complaints about ‘wrong keys’ and a lack of certain functions, such as question and slash marks.


What is the Best Keyboard to Buy on AliExpress

It is nearly impossible to outshine the Fizz K617 by Redragon – the ultimate mechanical keyboard for work and gaming. It features extensive customization and 61 multifunctional keys to give you maximum access to multimedia controls.

Machenike K500T is a good choice from AliExpress if you want to save an additional $10 and get all of the functions offered by premium-level keypads. With an expanded 90% layout and an RGB backlight with 16.8 million LED colors, you’ll upgrade your typing experience to a whole new level.

For those on a limited budget, we advise taking a good look at the SKYLION G300 keypad. Equipped with 104 keys positioned in line with finger movement trajectory, it provides maximum comfort for long typing sessions.

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