Each of us makes various purchases daily. We cannot do without clothes, household goods, food, appliances and electronics. While buying essential goods in nearby shops is convenient, serious and expensive purchases require a deliberate approach. Those who know the value of money and are not prone to overpaying for hyped brands have long discovered AliExpress – the global marketplace for all kinds of goods from Chinese manufacturers, which are not just in line with European brands but even surpass them in quality. We will share tips on how to find the best deals and provide links to the best stores in different categories.

Tips for shopping on AliExpress

A huge marketplace presents a variety of offers from different manufacturers. Therefore, when looking for something specific, it is important to consider some nuances to ensure you get the best quality product for a favorable price.

10 lifehacks to get the best and safest deals on AliExpress:

  1. Check the rating. The market features many shops, brands and products. Choosing those with the highest rating and many positive reviews is best.
  2. Talk to the seller. Ask about the socket type, additional accessories, cases or batteries. Chinese sellers love bargaining and can provide you with discounts or small gifts.
  3. Watch out for coupons. Many stores use loyalty programs. By simply clicking on the button, you can get a $1-2 promo code or receive an offer to add something else to your order to get a huge discount. In addition, there are general AliExpress coupons and special offers on sales days.
  4. Bank bonus programs. Suitable for those who often shop on AliExpress. Some banks offer special promotions, providing additional cashback to their customers.
  5. Check shipping costs. Pay close attention to it before placing an order. Sometimes shipping can cost more than the product itself, and the free shipping option can be faster than expensive courier delivery.
  6. Store discounts. You can get an additional discount when ordering several products from the same store at a time. This information is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  7. Read the description. Important product specifications are indicated in the title, selection and order forms, as well as in the “Specifications” section. Sometimes the description featured on the product images differs from the actual characteristics in the “Specifications” section.
  8. Low prices. If a certain product is too cheap compared to similar models, and the store does not offer special promotions, be cautious about the quality and reliability.
  9. Check the photos not only in the seller’s catalogue but also in the reviews section. Photos taken by customers are more likely to be realistic and authentic.
  10. Buy from trusted stores. Big stores and official brand representatives care about their reputation, so they often provide a warranty and bonuses for regular customers.

To make sure that you can enjoy your purchase which meets all of your expectations, we picked the best stores on AliExpress in different categories.

Best clothing stores on AliExpress

The category includes men’s and women’s fashion boutiques, which are in line with modern European trends. Chinese fashion designers have long adopted the experience of Western colleagues and learned to create unique collections which combine comfort, excellent quality materials and the latest designs. At the same time, their outfits are much cheaper compared to famous brands. In official brand stores you can find high-quality wardrobe pieces for any occasion: starting with the office look to a casual walk in the park. All products come in branded packaging, fit perfectly and have a good finish.

Women’s fashion stores

Магазины модной женской одежды

  • Zoki Official Store — casual women’s clothing, denim, knitwear, wool items, summer skirts.
  • CLOUD COTTON STORY Official Store — comfortable and high-quality homewear made of natural fabrics.
  • Marwin&Friend Store — the basis of this fashion brand are beautiful flowing skirts, classic knitted dresses, lightweight outerwear and blazers.
  • Fenland Clothes Store — official store of comfortable lingerie for sports and everyday wear.
  • Aachoae Apparel Store — the brand offers colorful dresses of various styles, as well as feminine outfits for everyday wear and special occasions.
  • Croysier Official Store — soft and gentle outfits for work and leisure, great selection of colors and textures designed for sophisticated women.
  • CRRIFLZ Official Store — the store offers affordable business attire and comfortable outerwear.
  • BEPEITHY Official Store — sophisticated evening dresses and wedding gowns that can transform any woman into a queen.
  • toppies official Store — a brand of fashionable and comfortable clothing for modern women, offering everything from winter coats to satin tops.
  • GerminateMall Store — restrained and comfortable European-style clothes. The brand offers tops, dresses, trousers and sweatshirts in soft classic colors.

Men’s fashion stores

Магазины модной мужской одежды

  • MiiOW Official Store — comfortable men’s underwear store with various designs made from high-quality hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • ZTOET Official Store — the brand offers high-quality and breathable men’s socks for any season: colors vary from strict classics to nice and pleasant shades.
  • FAVOCENT Official Store — men’s classic clothing brand which offers shirts, wool jumpers, elegant coats and all the essential accessories needed to create a finished image.
  • QUANBO Official flagship store — the store offers formal suits, warm jackets and casual wear for mature men and youngsters with a sense of style.
  • CHAIFENKO Trend Store — fashionable and modern men’s clothing for an active lifestyle. The selection consists of all-weather jackets, comfortable trousers and practical sweatshirts.
  • Ucrazy Official Store — comfortable casual American-style menswear. The store offers both light summer clothes and winter outfits to keep you warm in cold weather.
  • HAN WILD Official Store — the official brand store of survival clothing. Offers full equipment for real men.

Best bag stores on AliExpress

Лучшие магазины сумок на Алиэкспресс

This simple and familiar accessory has many functions. A bag finishes the image, acts as a convenient and functional storage for your belongings during travels, emphasizes individual style and even demonstrates your social status. So, choosing the right bag should be taken seriously. Therefore, it is advised to buy it from a trusted boutique. At the same time, bag designers must have a delicate sense of fashion and follow the latest trends. For our readers, we have picked the best official bag stores on AliExpress.

  • BAFELLI Official Store — elegant and fashionable premium handbags for exquisite ladies who pay close attention to their wardrobe. The brand follows European trends, uses only high-quality materials and features a perfect manufacturing process. A rare case when the result over exceeds expectations.
  • Yogodlns Official Store — one of the most popular women’s bag stores on AliExpress. It offers many styles: from bright and bold designs to elegant classics. Every woman will find something for herself.
  • Female bags Store — the store offers a wide selection of women’s everyday bags of various styles and materials. Low prices make these practical and convenient bags affordable for everyone.
  • VENOF Official Store — timeless classics for elegant women. Convenient and practical bags of different colors and shapes will become an integral image element of the urban lady.
  • CEAVNI Official Store — comfortable and functional backpacks for city and hiking: good weight distribution, durable and comfortable straps and big pockets designed for practical people.
  • Xin Ran Store — capacious bags made of eco-friendly materials will become irreplaceable assistants to a conscious lady. Both adult and children’s models are available.
  • BULLCAPTAIN Official Store — a men’s bags store with a wide selection, including manly, comfortable, capacious and compact models for any taste and occasion.
  • TINYAT Official Store — large bag store for men and women. The assortment offers options for any occasion: stylish office classics, comfortable backpacks, compact belt bags, as well as large travel bags.
  • Сooamy Store — practical and comfortable bags made of eco-friendly materials designed for men and women living in a fast-paced city. Affordable prices and a variety of designs will help you to choose an accessory for any outfit.
  • Travel Things Store — smart and ergonomic travel bags. The range offers different models: from document pockets to capacious multi-tiered suitcases.

Best jewelry and accessories stores on AliExpress

Лучшие магазины украшений и аксессуаров на Алиэкспресс

Jewelry is an integral element of a finished beautiful image. Depending on the style and available budget, AliExpress offers high-quality fashionable pieces and unique jewelry, including wrist watches and other accessories. They can elevate your status, emphasize individual style and accentuate looks. So, let’s have a look at the best jewelry and accessories stores on AliExpress.

  • WOSTU Official Store — one of the largest jewelry stores featuring many silver collections.
  • VNOX official store — fashion jewelry store for men and women. Pieces are distinguished by a minimalistic design that will emphasize one’s style.
  • RaviMour Official Store — affordable jewelry store. The selection includes earrings, hairpins and bracelets. Suitable for young girls who want to add some charm to their look.
  • BENA Official Store — neat jewelry for women and girls: hairpins, bracelets and stylish pendants, including a separate category for rings and leg accessories.
  • IYKWIM Official Store — beautiful and unusual jewelry selection made of natural stones and pearls. Necklace сhains for every taste and budget. Unique pieces for those who love accessories with meaning.
  • Barbe Jewelry Store — fine silver jewelry: beautiful stones, pearl bracelets, pendants and earrings designed for sophisticated and elegant women.
  • Somen Rings Store — store of stylish and brutal men’s rings. The range includes pieces made of ceramics, precious metals and steel.
  • EmbraceNature Official Store — excellent stoneware jewelry store for men and women, offering personalized and zodiac sign pieces. Perfect to express individuality.
  • LIGE Official Store — one of the best wrist watch shops for men and women on AliExpress. High quality, impeccable style and affordable prices made the brand popular worldwide.
  • Curren Official Store — fashionable wrist watches in different styles and for any occasion. The brand’s selection offers small models and tough big bracelets, sports watches and smart pieces.

Best shoe stores on Aliexpress

Лучшие магазины обуви на Алиэкспресс

It’s impossible to finish a look without the right pair of shoes that match the season, the environment and one’s activity levels. We have selected the top 10 shoe stores on AliExpress, where you can find high-quality shoes for any occasion.

  • AIYUQI Official Store — classic women’s shoe store made of leather and high-quality natural materials for all seasons: from light sandals to warm shoes.
  • KZZO Official Store — winter footwear family store. Practical Ugg boots made of natural wool will keep you warm, while mid-calf and high-shaft boots can suit a variety of outfits.
  • TOTO Trading Company Store — unique and affordable feminine shoes for any special occasion. Those who appreciate beautiful footwear are the store’s regular customers.
  • BIGTREE Women Shoes Store — a store with a range of beautiful, elegant women’s shoes with comfortable soles. There are shoes for evening dresses and formal suits. You can choose classic stiletto heels or something more extravagant – all thanks to designers who create unique and fashionable models.
  • Comwarm Slippers Official Store — cozy home slippers for those who value comfort. There are slippers of any size, design and colors, including puffy slippers and waterproof high soles models.
  • DEKABR Official Store — practical and comfortable men’s shoe store, offering footwear for any season. Different styles and colors are available. The best materials and high-quality craftsmanship made the brand’s shoes popular globally.
  • Bona Company Store — official store of one of the best Chinese brands of men’s and women’s shoes. The range includes casual and sports shoes, but there are excellent classic and warm footwear available.
  • PUAMSS Official Store — one of the largest sports shoe stores on AliExpress for men and women with a wide selection of walking shoes and sneakers.
  • GIGIFOX Official Store — extravagant high-heel shoes, stylish boots and comfortable footwear. Perfect for young people and those who like to stand out from the crowd.
  • KUIDFAR — comfortable and practical urban shoes for all seasons. There are mostly women’s models, but a limited collection of men’s shoes is available as well.

Best sports stores on AliExpress

A healthy lifestyle requires not only high-quality sportswear but also a number of additional accessories for effective training or outdoor activities. It often makes no sense to overpay for hyped European brands. You can find good and affordable options in the best sports stores on AliExpress.

Sportswear and footwear stores

Магазины спортивной одежды и обуви

  • LI-NING Official Store — the largest sportswear and footwear store for men and women. High-quality craftsmanship, breathable materials, shock-absorbing sneakers and compression garments will make training easy and enjoyable.
  • WAREBALL Official Store — unique, high-quality and comfortable yoga wear. Women’s yoga clothing doesn’t restrict movement and provides the body support you need. Breathable fabrics are perfect for intense workouts.
  • Running River Official Store — excellent ski suits and snowboard jumpsuits. Thick fabrics retain heat well, and there are colorful designs available for every taste. Clothes are distinguished by high-quality garment accessories and smart design.
  • Ride Force Official Store — shop for men’s and women’s pro sportswear. Clothes are characterized by smart design, functionality, stretchy fabrics and neat style.
  • Pan Shen’s Maze City Store — comfortable and practical men’s running shoes for different types of training. The range is represented by a running shoes collection, workout and walking footwear.
  • ONEMIX Second Store — premium sports shoes for athletes with comfortable arch supports for correct foot placement. The catalogue has orthotic insoles and other accessories.
  • Cocos Sport Store — The store range includes sneakers for all kinds of exercise. Here anyone can find the best footwear in terms of design, size and specifications.

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Sports accessories and equipment stores

Магазины спортивных аксессуаров и оборудования

  • Naturehike Factory Authorization Store — the best AliExpress store for hiking and camping equipment. You’ll find anything for comfortable and relaxing outdoor activities, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • rockbrosbike Store — cycling accessories. The brand’s products are distinguished by quality and smart ergonomics. The catalogue offers helmets, goggles, gloves and other essential accessories for cyclists.
  • kastking official store — professional fishing gear shop. The range includes essential equipment, including rods and additional elements. The catalogue offers authentic accessories from famous brands.
  • Camel Official Store — a diversified brand offering sportswear, footwear, equipment, backpacks and tents. Here you can find almost everything: running shoes, trekking gear and warm windproof jackets.
  • EGlife Store — a store featuring various accessories for fitness, outdoor activities, fishing and tourism. Highly functional equipment made of quality materials is designed to help you with home exercises or wilderness hiking.
  • Rekoy Official Store — a professional fitness equipment store, offering weighting agents and essential accessories for complex workouts and weightlifting practice.

Best stores for kids on AliExpress

Having a baby puts a strain on the family budget. Kids need a huge amount of care products, clothes and toys. In addition, boys and girls outgrow their clothes in just a few months, and these clothes are not cheap. The best solution for practical parents would be switching to shopping in reliable and trusted baby stores on AliExpress. The quality of Chinese products is in line with European and domestic brands, but affordable prices can become a pleasant surprise.

Children’s clothing and footwear stores

Магазины детской одежды и обуви

  • Angel children’s clothing store — cute and cozy clothes for kids. Colorful dresses, warm suits and family-matching outfits at affordable prices.
  • Baby Boutiques Store — organic cotton clothing for newborns. Clothes sets are designed in soothing pastel colors with neat elements.
  • B-CATON Official Store — comfortable and practical clothes made from natural fabrics. The range includes clothes for children, newborns and toddlers up to 3 years old.
  • NNJXD Official Store — a wide selection of beautiful clothes for babies and small princesses. The collection includes cute and fabulous dresses designed for baby fashionistas.
  • OBOVATUS Kids Clothing Official Store — fashionable and comfortable clothes for teenagers. Bright colors, relaxed styles, quality materials and the latest youth trends.
  • Dear for Baby Store — footwear for your baby’s first steps. The smallest infant sizes, quality materials, soft finish and comfortable insoles. The shoes are designed to protect delicate baby feet while suiting different outfits.
  • KIDS DISNEY Store — comfortable shoes with your baby’s favorite Disney characters.

Toy stores

Магазины игрушек

  • Fun of baby Store — toys based on favorite cartoon characters created to delight the kids, while parents will appreciate affordable prices and good workmanship.
  • Wu child toy Store — a large selection of colorful and funny educational toys, gag toys and games to develop motor skills. Balls, cubes, as well as baby bath accessories.
  • TEMI Official Store — children’s designer sets, game complexes and educational toys to captivate young researchers and adventurers for a long time.

Baby Gear & Essentials stores

Магазины оборудования и средств ухода

  • HappyFlute Cloth Diaper Store — the manufacturer offers soft reusable nappies, diapers and wipes for newborns. Care products feature stylish cheerful colors and quality workmanship.
  • ruyibebe Store — big catalog features all of the essentials needed for the first years of a baby’s life, such as diapers, baby walkers, child safety guards and locks. Moms will find a lot of useful and affordable ideas.
  • IMBABY Official Store — the furniture and accessories brand for the children’s room creates reliable, beautiful and safe products designed for easy child care – from birth to 5 years.
  • Cool baby’s shop — a store offering mom and baby accessories. Comfortable ergo backpacks and multi-pocket bags, soft comforters and clothes. You’ll find everything needed for new parents.
  • My Angelbaby Store — accessories for baby feeding, bathing and care. Educational toys and kid’s clothing. Here you can find the essentials for comprehensive baby care.

Best Electronics and Home Appliances stores on AliExpress

Лучшие магазины бытовой техники и электроники на Алиэкспресс

It is no secret that for a long time, most household appliances of well-known European brands are being assembled in China. With a deep understanding of international practices, skilled Chinese manufacturers create appliances which offer the same reliability and quality as more expensive brands. We have selected the best electronics and home appliances stores where you can find the best deals.

  • Roborock Home Store — official brand store of robotic vacuums and upright vacuum cleaners. Smart gadgets are well-known globally and feature high levels of functionality and reliability.
  • Biolomix Official Store — the official American brand store offering functional home appliances with a focus on kitchen equipment.
  • POLARIS Official Store — a well-known and proven brand with affordable prices and a good level of functionality. The catalogue offers all types of household appliances.
  • MOLNIA ELECTRONICS — a huge hypermarket of appliances and electronics with almost all the essential equipment for a modern home.
  • loura store — small kitchen appliances and gadgets.
  • Prainskel Official Store — unique robot window cleaners that will take on a wiping routine.
  • POLARLINE Official Store — The store offers the best TVs with advanced screen technologies and lots of additional settings, with the latest models and timeless classics available at reasonable prices.
  • Midea Official Store — an established brand offering a wide range of small and major household appliances.

Best Smartphone Stores on AliExpress

Лучшие магазины мобильных телефонов на Алиэкспресс

Today smartphones are the most popular electronics worldwide, with almost every person having one. Every year, a new generation of devices is released, superior to outdated smartphones in specifications and available functions. To keep up with fast-paced smartphone development and not spend much on flagship models, you can find affordable and decent options on AliExpress. We will tell you where to look for the best smartphone deals and accessories for them.

  • Xiaomi Mi Store — the official store of the biggest Chinese supplier of smart gadgets. More than a million of satisfied customers speak volumes about the extraordinary quality and high service standards.
  • Realme Globals Store — a budget-friendly sub-brand offering affordable and functional alternatives for expensive flagship smartphones.
  • POCO Online Store — stylish, colorful and bold in its design, this collection of Chinese smartphones has an established loyal audience around the world.
  • SuperGLX Store — the catalogue offers globally hyped smartphones featuring high-quality, reliability, accessories selection and new products.
  • ULEFONE Official Store — rugged smartphones designed for people leading an active lifestyle. Optimal for hiking and wilderness survival.
  • Comwingo Electronic Wholesale Technology Co. — a store specializing in the sale of iPhone and Sony smartphones.
  • AKABEILA Official Store — large store of mobile phone accessories. A wide range of phone cases, protective glasses and other necessary accessories.

Best Beauty Stores on AliExpress

Лучшие магазины товаров для красоты на Алиэкспресс

For many decades, the beauty industry maintained a leading position in the market. In recent years, Asian cosmetics and care products have reached a new level, as manufacturers started to share their unique technologies and innovations. We have selected the top 10 beauty stores chosen by women around the world.

  • SOOCAS Official Store — a unique brand that offers anti-aging and beauty products. The catalogue has hair dryers, face massagers and humidifiers, and other types of care products.
  • O.TWO.O Official Store — unique decorative cosmetics loved by thousands of women around the world. Professional makeup has become available to everyone.
  • MeiYanQiong Official Store — anti-aging care cosmetics for healthy skin. The best achievements of cosmetic chemists at affordable prices.
  • Drop-Shipping To Worldwide Store — professional hair removal products: shavers, epilators and trimmers.
  • Booster boluojun Official Store — a unique brand of body massagers. They help to relax, tone up muscle mass and maintain a slim figure.
  • Oclean Official Store — a well-known brand of electric toothbrushes and accessories. Keeps your family’s smiles healthy.
  • ZE Colorful Nail Art Store — everything you need for a manicure in one store. Good range of tools, nail polishes and nail art accessories.
  • Clovers E-business Store — anti-aging and make-up cosmetics. High-efficiency and certified cosmetic formulas.
  • akarz Official Store — essential oils to fill your house with unique aromas, which are also beneficial for health and beauty.
  • Бизорюк Фабрика Здоровья Store — official brand store for natural cosmetics and healthy food choices for the whole family.

Best Home Decor stores on AliExpress

Лучшие магазины товаров для дома на Алиэкспресс

A need to tidy up, decorate or make your home comfortable and cozy is a constant need for almost anyone. It is easy to get lost in the variety of household goods. Therefore, we have selected the most reliable home décor stores on AliExpress, where you can buy accessories, tools or repair products.

  • JULY’S HOON Store — a professional approach to lighting your home offering the best solutions: from modern spotlights to chic chandeliers.
  • USTINIAN Official Store — everything you need to equip a modern kitchen available in one place. Crockery, small appliances, accessories and nice gadgets.
  • BILEEHOME Official Store — high-quality and delicate home textiles, offering curtains and decorative elements made of good fabrics.
  • Jiujuxia Store — unique and sophisticated home accessories that can personalize your interior and showcase a refined taste. There are figurines, candlesticks, vases, storage boxes and other essentials.
  • WOVHSTEAR Official Store — the store’s catalogue offers interesting to simplify your home tasks, such as toothpaste holders, smart toothbrushes, protective pads and other useful little things.
  • Global Tesco l Store — stylish and comfortable small furniture for the kitchen, bathroom and dressing room.
  • ChangQuanhardware Store — a wide range of tools, kits and unique accessories for small and large home repairs.
  • NEWACALOX Official Store — a unique brand that sells professional tools for home use, such as soldering irons, glue guns, strong clamps. Men will appreciate the store’s deals.
  • New Victoria Store — modern and practical furniture. You can find furniture sets for different interiors. The range includes chairs, tables and other wood pieces.

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