Explore the world of writing luxury with the best Chinese fountain pens, where craftsmanship meets affordability in a perfect union. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, Chinese fountain pen manufacturers have gained international acclaim for producing writing instruments that rival the elegance and performance of their high-end counterparts.

From intricately designed nibs to exquisite materials, these pens offer a delightful writing experience that caters to both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice seeking a refined writing instrument, the world of Chinese fountain pens presents an enticing blend of artistry and functionality, making each stroke a testament to the rich tradition and innovation within this niche industry.

Top 10 Chinese Fountain Pens on AliExpress

10. Fountain Pens by STONEGO

Fountain Pens by STONEGO

The STONEGO Chinese Fountain Pen, originating from Mainland China, boasts a sleek design and is equipped with black ink. With positive reviews praising its aesthetics and functionality, this pen appears to be a popular choice among buyers.


  • Sleek design and aesthetic appeal.
  • Positive feedback on the purchase experience from several users.
  • Quick delivery, as acknowledged by some customers.
  • Good quality finish, according to reviews.
  • Affordable price, offering a cost-effective option.


  • Some users reported issues with the pen’s nib and ink flow.
  • Discrepancies between the ordered and received materials.

Overall, the STONEGO Chinese Fountain Pen appears to be a popular choice for those seeking an affordable and aesthetically pleasing writing instrument. However, potential buyers should be aware of the reported inconsistencies in product delivery and occasional quality issues.


9. Retro Fountain Pens Model A570

Retro Fountain Pens Model A570

The A570 Chinese Fountain Pen is a stylish and functional writing tool made from durable metal. With a 0.5mm stainless steel nib, it offers a smooth writing experience suitable for office use. The pen measures 14 cm in length, showcasing a sleek design that complements its practicality. The packaging from Mainland China ensures a secure and timely delivery.


  • Orderly and early delivery.
  • Well-crafted design.
  • Positive user feedback on quality and functionality.
  • Smooth writing experience.
  • Easy ink cartridge placement and removal.


  • A few comments on the paint quality, with concerns about smudging.
  • Some users reported difficulty in fitting the cap due to a metal ring falling off.

Despite some drawbacks, the majority of users express satisfaction with the A570 fountain pen, highlighting its quality, design, and smooth writing experience.


8. Fountain Pens by MAJOHN

Fountain Pens by MAJOHN

The Chinese Fountain Pen, model C1120206, is a remarkable writing instrument originating from Mainland China. Crafted for a superb writing experience, this fountain pen boasts a standard Iraurita nib type, ensuring a smooth and reliable performance. Its sturdy construction imparts a quality feel, making it a favored choice among users.

The pen is available in two versions: clip and clipless. The clipless variant is particularly praised for its comfortable grip during writing. Each pen comes impeccably packaged, including a converter and fillable ink cartridges, enhancing the overall user experience.


  • Sturdy and quality construction.
  • Smooth Iraurita nib type.
  • Available in clip and clipless versions.
  • Well-packaged with a converter and fillable ink cartridges.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Fast shipping and efficient delivery.
  • Retractable mechanism for convenience.
  • Positive user feedback on writing performance.


  • Possibility of ink leakage if left facing down for an extended period.
  • Some users find the clip version less comfortable due to stress on the tiny clip.
  • Complaints about ink flow issues for specific pens.
  • Weight and balance concerns for some users.
  • Mixed reviews on nib smoothness, with occasional reports of scratchiness.

7. Fountain Pens by ZYCC

Fountain Pens by ZYCC

The ZYCC Fountain Pen is a sleek and elegantly designed writing instrument from Mainland China. Crafted with a metal body, this fountain pen offers a comfortable writing experience with a 0.5mm Iraurita nib. The pen is available in a classic black color, exuding a sense of sophistication.


  • Fast delivery.
  • High-quality construction with a sleek and comfortable design.
  • Nice writing experience with a 0.5mm Iraurita nib.
  • Metal body provides durability and a solid feel.
  • Elegant black color for a sophisticated look.
  • Comes with a cover for added protection.
  • Received positive reviews for quality and writing performance.


  • Mixed reviews on ink flow; some find it too much, while others experienced dryness.
  • A few users reported issues with the pen’s weight, finding it slightly heavy.
  • Some users faced challenges with ink loading and cartridge replacement.
  • A small number of customers received defective or damaged pens.

In summary, the ZYCC Fountain Pen offers a stylish and durable option for those seeking an affordable fountain pen. While it has received praise for its design and writing performance, potential buyers should consider individual preferences regarding ink flow and weight.


6. Fountain Pens by NoEnName_Null

Fountain Pens by NoEnName_Null

The Chinese Fountain Pen (Model Number: 75) from NoEnName_Null is a metal fountain pen with a 0.5mm gold nib. It’s designed for office use and has a standard nib type. The pen is 13.8cm in size and weighs 30g. It comes without ink.


  • The pen offers good value for its price.
  • Users appreciate the cool and stylish appearance of the pen.
  • The metal body provides a solid and comfortable feel, reducing slipperiness.
  • Many users report that the pen writes smoothly, and its performance improves over time.
  • The pen starts writing quickly after being picked up from a horizontal position.


  • Some users experienced issues initially which may require adjustments.
  • A few users mentioned that the pen may feel a bit scratchy and may require nib smoothing.
  • A few users reported problems with the cap, such as it falling off or the body coming off with the cap.

Overall, the Chinese Fountain Pen Model 75 offers a budget-friendly option with a stylish design and satisfactory writing experience, although it may have some issues that users need to be aware of.


5. Texture Fountain Pens

Texture Fountain Pens

The Chinese Fountain Pen, crafted with metal, offers a luxurious writing experience. The iraurita nib ensures smooth and precise strokes. Originating from Mainland China, this fountain pen is a testament to quality craftsmanship.


  • Metal construction for durability.
  • Iraurita nib ensures a smooth writing experience.
  • Elegant design and comfortable grip.
  • Positive customer reviews highlight satisfaction.
  • Affordable, making it a great value for money.
  • Available in various nib sizes and colors.


  • Some users mentioned issues with the nib.
  • A few users noted that the black paint may scratch off over time.

Overall, the Chinese Fountain Pen receives praise for its quality, smooth writing, and affordability, making it a popular choice among users.


4. JINHAO Fountain Pens 82

JINHAO Fountain Pens 82

The Jinhao 82 fountain pen, a budget-friendly gem from Mainland China, boasts a sleek plastic design and an Iraurita nib for smooth writing. The pen’s unique features include a vibrant color palette, such as fluorescence blue and lucency grey blue, adding a touch of flair. Users commend its affordable price, considering the quality, making it a favorite among fountain pen enthusiasts. With a standard-type nib, the Jinhao 82 offers a writing experience comparable to higher-priced options. Available on AliExpress, it provides an excellent entry point for those delving into the world of fountain pens.


  • Affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Smooth Iraurita nib for a pleasant writing experience.
  • Sleek design with vibrant color options.
  • Positive reviews for ink flow and writing quality.
  • Customizable with various nib sizes.


  • Some users find the nib size to be finer or broader than expected.
  • Minor discrepancies in color compared to online images.
  • The cap may need reinforcement, as mentioned by a few users.
  • Packaging is loose, potentially impacting presentation and protection during transit.

3. Fountain Pens 2118 by ZYCC

Fountain Pens 2118 by ZYCC

The ZYCC Model 2118 Chinese Fountain Pen is a beautifully crafted writing instrument made of high-quality metal. With a sleek design and a gold or black cap, this fountain pen exudes elegance and sophistication. The Iraurita nib ensures a smooth 0.5mm writing point, providing a delightful writing experience.

Please note that the pen is delivered without ink, but it is compatible with standard cartridges. Users have praised its weight, making it feel substantial and valuable in hand.


  • Elegant design with a gold or black cap.
  • High-quality metal construction.
  • Iraurita nib for a smooth 0.5mm writing point.
  • Compatible with standard ink cartridges.
  • Substantial weight for a premium feel.
  • Engraving options available for personalization.


  • Does not come with ink, but cartridges can be purchased separately.
  • A few customers mentioned issues with the thickness of the writing and ink smearing.
  • A couple of reports about peeling black paint near the cap.

Overall, the ZYCC Model 2118 Chinese Fountain Pen is a stylish and well-crafted writing instrument that offers a luxurious feel. Users appreciate its quality, weight, and customization options, making it a suitable choice for those who value both functionality and aesthetics.


2. Fountain Pens by You Ping

Fountain Pens by You Ping

The You Ping Model 388 is a Chinese fountain pen designed for office use. Crafted with a metal body, it features a 0.5mm Iraurita nib, ensuring a smooth and consistent writing experience. The pen comes without ink, and its length is 138mm, with a weight of 30g.


  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • Iraurita nib for a smooth writing experience.
  • Metal body for durability.
  • Suitable for office use.
  • Positive customer reviews regarding performance.


  • Loose packaging may lack the premium feel.
  • No ink included, requiring separate purchase.
  • Limited color options.

Overall, the You Ping Model 388 seems to be a popular choice among users who appreciate its affordability and smooth writing performance. However, potential buyers should consider the mentioned cons and individual preferences before making a purchase.


1. Fountain Pens by FFHUOHUO

Fountain Pens by FFHUOHUO

This Chinese Fountain Pen by FFHUOHUO offers a sleek and stylish design, making it an attractive choice for writing enthusiasts. Crafted from metal, the pen has a solid weight of 30g, providing a comfortable grip for extended writing sessions. The Iraurita nib material promises smooth and precise 0.5mm writing.


  • The pen boasts a beautiful design that appeals to users.
  • The option for personalized engraving adds a unique touch.
  • The Iraurita nib ensures a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.
  • The metal build adds durability and a premium feel.
  • Many users appreciate the fast delivery, ensuring timely receipt.


  • Some buyers noted that the pen doesn’t come with ink, requiring a separate purchase.
  • The pen is delivered in a loose packaging, which may not be ideal for gift presentation.

Overall, the FFHUOHUO Chinese Fountain Pen combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a personalized and enjoyable writing experience for users.


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