A handheld console is a small, portable unit that contains a built-in screen, game controls, and speakers. First popularized by Nintendo, there are now many different and affordable consoles used to emulate old retro games initially designed for the PS1, Dendy, SEGA, and other classic consoles. If you wish to reminisce about your good old childhood days when the grass was greener and the games were better, here is a list of the top 10 Chinese handheld consoles from AliExpress.

How to Choose the best Handheld Console

When we say ‘a handheld console’, Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are the first devices that come to mind. With a cost of $300-400 at best, they are expensive and not available to everyone. Naturally, you won’t be able to find them on AliExpress, but the Chinese market has many other affordable options. They are inferior in terms of performance and mostly designed to emulate retro games, but they can still be a lot of fun. When looking for a handheld console on AliExpress, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • CPU: Retro consoles use entry-level processing units that are sufficient to run old games, like the ARM Cortex-A series. It is highly unlikely that you’ll find anything better in terms of performance, as it greatly increases the price. After all, the handheld console shouldn’t be expensive.
  • Memory storage: To download and install games on a console, you need a certain memory capacity. Usually, consoles support TF and SD cards of up to 512 GB: sometimes the memory cards can even be included in the console package, along with a preinstalled game library.
  • Game selection: Quite often, consoles have a catalog of mainstream retro games (such as Mario Kart, Kirby, Pokemon, and so on) already installed on them. This feature is useful if you do not want to tinker with installation and console configuration, especially because those preinstalled libraries can be very impressive, with more than 5000+ titles included.
  • Battery capacity: This one is fairly simple: bigger batteries provide longer battery life. Anything between 3000-4000 mAh is a safe choice, as it provides around 4-5 hours of gaming on average while requiring less than 3 hours to recharge fully.
  • TV output: If a Chinese console supports HDMI or AV outputs, you can connect it to a TV and enjoy gaming on a bigger screen. Additionally, check if the device supports additional joysticks and a multiplayer mode – that way you’ll be able to play together with your friends.

Top 10 Chinese Handheld Consoles on AliExpress

Model Display Size Screen Resolution Battery Capacity, mAh Aliexpress
10 DKKtech D007 3.5″ 640×480 3500 View
9 GB-35 Mini View
8 centechia X7Plus 5.0″ 2560×1600 View
7 VILCORN SF2000 3.0″ 1280×720 1500 View
6 AOKZOE A1 8″ 1920×1200 17100 View
5 POWKIDDY X55 5.5″ 1280×720 4000 View
4 DATA FROG SF2000 3.0″ 1280×720 1500 View
3 ANBERNIC RG35XX 3.5″ 640×480 2100 View
2 Retroid Pocket 3+ 4.95‘’ 1280×720 4500 View
1 MIYOO Mini+ 3.5″ 640×480 3000 View

10. DKKtech D007

DKKtech D007

Specs: Display Size: 3.5″, Screen Resolution: 640×480, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 3500, Games Type: Retro Classic, See all.

As usual, we are starting our rating with something basic, affordable, and very simple in terms of performance. The D007 console by DKKtech company is a good choice for your first-ever handheld console. It runs on the Linux OS and an RK3266 quad-core CPU, allowing you to smoothly emulate games of 9 different formats, including PS1, GB, NEOGEO, etc.

It already has a pre-uploaded game catalog with more than 10,000 retro titles, including arcades, racing games, platformers, and more. You can save and load your progress at any time, making frustrating levels more manageable as you play.

You can download additional games yourself and even erase the existing ones to free up space on your memory card.

In terms of battery life, the console is equipped with a built-in 3500 mAh rechargeable battery. Additional features include TV output and support for extra joysticks, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack to ensure that you do not disturb anyone while you play.

However, the lack of reviews and a small order count is not a good sign, even if all of those reviews are ‘5-star’ positive.


9. GB-35 Mini

GB-35 Mini

Specs: See all.

The GB-35 Mini handheld console is the best choice on AliExpress for retro games connoisseurs. Even in terms of design, it is closer to the old Dendy joysticks rather than the classic PS1 controllers, so this console ought to bring back many sweet childhood memories along with your favorite games.

The basic console already has a preinstalled library of 638 games. Note that as a standard model, it doesn’t support additional games, so it is advised to request a list of installed titles from the seller before purchasing.

The Chinese console is pocket-sized (only 12x6x1 cm), with a screen size of 5×4 cm. If you are not satisfied with the display, you can connect the GB-35 to a TV using an AV cable.

In general, for the price of $10, it is a nice portable console that would make a great gift for a child or just bring back some good memories for adults, as noted by many customers. Aside from the limited performance and no way to expand the library with additional games, major setbacks include the lack of a ‘save the game progress’ option.


8. centechia X7Plus

centechia X7Plus

Specs: Display Size: 5.0″, Screen Resolution: 2560×1600, Games Type: GBA,GBC,GB,MD,CPS,NES,GG,SPC, See all.

With a record game count of 15,000 games, the X7+ handheld console by Centechia offers the most variability: there is no way you won’t be able to find your favorite childhood game in this extensive list. But in case you are not satisfied with the preinstalled library, feel free to upload additional games to an SD card – up to 9 game formats are supported, so there is a lot to choose from.

The X7+ comes in a sleek and modern two-colored case with fast-response control keys and a 5.1-inch HD display with eye protection. It provides better picture quality compared to cheaper models by minimizing color distortion – all of the pixels will remain clear and vivid. In addition, you can connect the controller to a TV using the AV cable and enjoy big-screen gaming.

The console supports the Game Saving option: you’ll be able to revert to the latest save file and resume from that point, making the gaming process less frustrating.

In addition to gaming, the console can be used to play videos and music, making it a multipurpose media device. As for the reviews, most of the customers note that for $90, this console is a decent offer, while minor cons include damaged packaging in some cases.




Specs: Display Size: 3.0″, Screen Resolution: 1280×720, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 1500, Games Type: For GBA, SEGA,MAME, SNES, GB, NES, See all.

For less than $60, VILCORN allows you to relive your childhood years again, thanks to the expanded game library, which includes around 10,000 major retro titles! From Mario Kart to Crash Bandicoot adventures, you’ll certainly find something familiar, as the console can emulate 7 game formats – from SEGA to GBA.

To provide a clear and vivid image, the console is equipped with an HD IPS 1280x720P display. It also minimizes the negative effects of screen flickering, thus protecting your eyes.

The Chinese console supports multiplayer mode – you can connect an additional controller and enjoy double-player games with your friends. If you want to enhance the multiplayer experience even further, use the AV output to connect the console to a TV and enjoy gaming on a large display.

In terms of battery capacity, the console uses a classic polymer-lithium 1500 mAh battery, which provides around 4-5 hours of usage and takes only 3 hours to fully charge.

According to reviews, the major advantages include good audio quality, a compact portable size, and a long-lasting battery. As for the cons, several customers noted that Super Nintendo games run slower compared to other formats.




Specs: Display Size: 8″, Screen Resolution: 1920×1200, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 17100mAh, Games Type: PC games, See all.

By this time, you might already be wondering: is there no PC-level handheld console available on AliExpress? As it turns out, AOKZOE is one of the rare brands that offer a device powerful enough to run AAA games – the A1 console, which is a PC in a portable format.

To achieve this level of performance, the manufacturer relied on an 8-core AMD Ryzen™ 7 6800U 4.7 GHz CPU with the Zen 3+ framework, which comes together with the AMD Radeon 680M GPU. This hardware is typically used in laptops, meaning that this console is on par with medium-level desktop PC setups.

To support this powerful machine, the console is equipped with a 17100 mAh battery – a record capacity when compared to other handheld consoles on AliExpress. To prevent overheating, smart cooling fans are also installed.

Along with an 8.5-inch display, the console is heavy, weighing about 670 grams. You won’t be able to carry it in your pocket, so consider buying a storage case. In terms of design, the console is encased in a sleek ergonomic body with RGB lighting and responsive E-sports joysticks and control keys.

Such extraordinary performance comes at a price – the console costs around $2,500-2,400. For the same price, you can purchase a gaming laptop – and that’s the reason why this expensive console didn’t make it to the top 3.


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Specs: Display Size: 5.5″, Screen Resolution: 1280×720, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 4000mAh, Games Type: n64/psp/psx/dc/ngc/md/sfc/gba/gbc/smx/fc, Data Storage Capacity: 16GB, See all.

One of the main features of the Powkiddy X55 is the 5.5-inch IPS display – the largest you can get for a Chinese handheld console in the affordable range. Considering the price of $140-150 (and much cheaper if you happen to get a discount), it is a reasonable offer for gamers who want to enjoy retro titles from the past.

With a quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 1.8 GHz core, the console is fast and powerful enough to emulate the majority of mainstream games. A total of 30 formats are supported, including PS, PSP, NEOGEO, and many more – the full list is available on the product description page.

In terms of battery life, the console is equipped with a 4000 mAh long-lasting battery: you can enjoy 4 hours of non-stop gaming with no need to recharge.

If you want to play together with your friends, use the HD TV output and connect up to 4 joysticks via the Bluetooth Connect function. You can purchase an option with a preinstalled memory card and a game library or a “clean” one to install games of your choosing.

On a negative note, 1-2 customers complained that they encountered battery issues – the console may stop charging altogether.




Specs: Display Size: 3.0″, Screen Resolution: 1280×720, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 1500, Games Type: Adventure, See all.

The Data Frog SF2000 handheld console comes from AliExpress with a vast library of 6000 trial games, where you’ll certainly be able to find your favorite titles! And if not, you can use the Upload feature to install your games: the console can emulate 7 different formats, including FC, GBA, etc.

The Chinese console is a perfect choice for those who are not very familiar with configuration and just want to enjoy games from the very start. It has a lot of useful features, like Save & Load, which offers 4 data slots for you to save your progress in a particular game; a Game Search function to quickly scan through the library; an AV output to connect to an external display, as well as the Desktop Mode, which allows you to play together with your friends using additional controllers.

The built-in battery requires 4 hours to charge fully and offers 5 to 6 hours of gaming. Among the major points of satisfaction, customers note a fast-response controller, regular updates that improve the console’s performance, and a nice portable design. Among minor setbacks is the slow emulation of SNES games, making them almost unplayable.




Specs: Display Size: 3.5″, Screen Resolution: 640×480, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 2100 mAh, Games Type: Retro Handheld Game Console, Data Storage Capacity: 64GB, See all.

The RG35XX Chinese handheld console is a fully-configured gaming solution for those who don’t want to waste time on downloading and installing games: it already comes with a built-in 64 GB memory card and a library of 5474 retro games! In addition to that, the console supports all of the major game formats and can be upgraded to 512 GB with a memory card of your choosing.

ANBERNIC chose the entry-level ARM Cortex-A9 processor for its console, which, combined with 256 MB of RAM and a quad-core PowerVR SGX544 graphics card, provides smooth and fast gaming everywhere you go. The 2100 mAh battery is capacious enough to offer you around 5 hours of gaming.

In terms of design, the console features a 3.5-inch 640×480 standard display with a narrow, barely-visible border, so nothing is going to distract you from what’s going on the screen. But if you are ready to raise the stakes, use the HDMI output to connect the console to a TV display.

While many customers praise the console for its great construction and quality, the price of $140 is considered too high for an entry-level device.


2. Retroid Pocket 3+

Retroid Pocket 3+

Specs: Display Size: 4.95‘’, Screen Resolution: 1280×720, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 4500, Games Type: Retro Games, Data Storage Capacity: 128GB, See all.

Retroid Pocket 3+ is a veteran in the world of handheld consoles, known and adored by retro gamers. It is a powerful and portable device to enjoy your favorite games of old. With a little tinkering, you can launch and play legendary titles such as God of War 1, Doom, the Legend of Zelda, and many more.

Pocket 3+ is equipped with UNISOC T618, an entry-level processor with two ARM Cortex-A75 2 GHz and six ARM Cortex-A55 2 GHz cores. It is a game-changer when it comes to emulation of PS1 titles, delivering fast and smooth gaming.

Since the OS is Android 11, the console is equipped with an Android-based mid-range ARM Mali-G52 MP2 graphics card and 4GB of RAM with 128GB of ROM. While the TF memory card is not included in the package, you can purchase an additional 64-512 GB TF card yourself to provide more storage for your game library.

Pocket 3+ has a capacious 4500 mAh battery, sufficient for 6-7 hours of gaming. Additional features include the micro-HDMI port to connect the console to a TV display and access to the Moonlight Game Streaming service. All of that is encased in a portable and thin body, available in 7 color options, with a storage case included.

The major complaint is that the console is very difficult to configure, so it is not the best choice for children.


1. MIYOO Mini+


Specs: Display Size: 3.5″, Screen Resolution: 640×480, Battery Capacity[mAh]: 3000, Games Type: retro, Memory: 128MB, Operating system: Linux, See all.

Mini+ is loved by adults and children alike, as this small console can emulate different game formats, bringing back precious childhood memories of playing Mario or Pokemon on PS or introducing the new generation to the gaming classics.

With 5000+ orders and more than 800 positive reviews, it is the most sought-after Chinese handheld console on AliExpress. For $80, the device offers support for 17 game formats, a long-lasting 3000mAh battery, and a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz CPU, which is sufficient for the majority of mainstream games.

The retro design is also to be admired: the console has a pocket size of 7.8×10.8×2.2 cm, a 3.5-inch laminated display, and a set of retro-like control keys, similar to old joysticks. You can choose from several color options, with white, black, or grey plastic cases.

In terms of memory, the console supports 32-128 GB MicroSD, which is not included in the set – you’ll have to buy one and download desired games yourself. The process is explained in a step-by-step guide, which is included in the package, along with a gift box, a Type-C charging cable, and an additional screen protector.

There are no major customer complaints, except for damaged packaging in some cases – this could be attributed to poor handling by the postal services.


What’s the best Chinese handheld console on AliExpress

There are many Chinese consoles to choose from on AliExpress, although the leaders are already defined by the most popular and trusted brands that have monopolized the market. Based on customer reviews and other specifications, here are our top 3 favorites.

  • The MIYOO Mini+ console is AliExpress’ bestseller: it has everything you need from a fast and reliable console with good performance and support for many game formats for emulation. With a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz CPU encased in a small and portable body, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite retro games anywhere you go.
  • While Retroid Pocket 3+ requires a lot of tinkering and configuration, it offers the best compatibility with different game formats: some customers were even able to launch God of War 1-2 on it. Running on the all-too-familiar Android 11 OS and the ARM Mali-G52 MP2 graphics card, it surprises with great performance and fast processing speed.
  • The ANBERNIC RG35XX Chinese handheld console is a product of a trusted brand, designed for those who do not want to meddle with game installation – it already has an impressive game library, where you’ll certainly find your favorite title of old. You can customize its memory capacity to a maximum of 512 GB and enjoy gaming on a small but vivid display – or even connect it to a TV screen.

Keep this in mind – and enjoy gaming!

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