A Bluetooth speaker is a wireless device designed to make it easier for you to listen to music or podcasts. The speaker can be easily synchronized with your smartphone or laptop, and some models support USB and memory card interfaces as well. In this list, we have selected 10 Bluetooth speakers from various Chinese brands that are available for purchase on AliExpress.

How to Choose the best Bluetooth Speaker?

When choosing a Bluetooth speaker on AliExpress, first pay attention to the Bluetooth chip – it should be at least version 5.0 to ensure maximum compatibility with the majority of devices. Battery capacity is also important for longer playback time. It is recommended to choose a speaker with a capacity between 700-1200 mAh.

With the basic specifications clarified, move on to consider additional options – such as supported interfaces (USB sticks and AUX, for example), charging time, size, IPX waterproof certification, and volume levels.

Top 10 Chinese Bluetooth Speakers on AliExpress

Model Output Power, W Channels Input / Output Cabinet Material Aliexpress
10 A36 Mecha Speakers 5 2 (2.0) USB Plastic View
9 Tronsmart Trip 10 2 (2.0) Aux Plastic View
8 Lenovo ThinkPlus K3 Pro 1 Other Metal View
7 G50 Bluetooth Speaker 5 2 (2.0) TF Plastic View
6 TG116C Bluetooth Speaker 5 1 Other Plastic View
5 KPY Bluetooth Speaker 3 2 (2.0) USB Plastic View
4 M1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 1 TF Metal View
3 HM11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 3 2 (2.0) Aux PVC View
2 WISETIGER Bluetooth Speaker 25 1 Other Plastic View
1 Anker Soundcore Motion+ 30 2.0 Other Plastic View

10. A36 Mecha Speakers

A36 Mecha Speakers

Specs: Output Power: 5W; Channels: 2 (2.0), Input/Output: USB, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

The A36 Mecha Bluetooth Speakers series features a unique transparent design combined with LED lighting. It is not just a speaker – it is also a practical accessory to decorate your desk setup.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.3 technology to connect to your devices. It offers the latest and fastest transmission rate, so it is highly unlikely that you’ll experience any lags. A built-in 500 mAh battery needs 2.5 hours to fully charge and provides around 5 hours of playback time.

Out of 400 customer reviews on AliExpress, we found a few complaints related to minor sound distortion.


9. Tronsmart Trip

Tronsmart Trip

Specs: Output Power: 10W; Channels: 2 (2.0), Input/Output: Aux, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

As you can guess, the Tronsmart Chinese Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect solution for trips and parties: it is loud, waterproof, and has a convenient handle to carry it around. You can also choose from a variety of colors – currently, there are 5 options available.

In terms of performance, the speaker is impressive as well. First, there is the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip, which ensures a stable connection quality with low latency. In addition, it has the best transmission distance of 18 meters, making it a perfect choice for outdoor use. There is also a built-in microphone to make audio calls.

The device has received around 30 reviews, which are mostly positive, with no major issues reported.


8. Lenovo ThinkPlus K3 Pro

Lenovo ThinkPlus K3 Pro

Specs: Channels: 1, Input/Output: Other, Cabinet Material: Metal, See all.

Lenovo K3 Bluetooth Speaker is a high-quality device capable of delivering Hi-Fi stereo-quality sound. This is further enhanced by custom-made bass diaphragms, so you can be certain that you are adding a reliable component to your audio setup, while the reasonable price of $30 is also an advantage.

With a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, this speaker is compatible with the majority of devices. A battery capacity of 1200 mAh is enough for 6-8 hours of use, and the full charging time takes just 3 hours. The speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone, so you can make audio calls as well.

Customer reviews on AliExpress are mostly positive, with no connection issues reported, praising the loud and clear sound. The main problem is the basic design with no additional color options available.


7. G50 Bluetooth Speaker

Best Chinese Bluetooth Speakers on AliExpress 2024

Specs: Output Power: 5W, Channels: 2 (2.0), Input/Output: TF, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

The G50 Bluetooth speaker is not just a speaker – it is also an alarm clock! If you find it difficult to manage your time in the morning, then this 85 dB device with a double alarm boost function should wake you up.

It has a large LED mirror display that shows the current time, room temperature, and remaining battery level, allowing you to incorporate the speaker into the bedroom interior. In addition to the Bluetooth 5.0 interface, you can switch the device to an FM radio mode and listen to your favorite channels.

The speaker’s battery is powerful enough to work for 2 days in clock mode, but it will discharge faster in radio and music mode.

Customers note that the device is easy to set up and find it useful in many ways as a multifunctional home assistant. However, there are some complaints about the battery, with reports of sudden discharge to 0%.


6. TG116C Bluetooth Speaker

TG116C Bluetooth Speaker

Specs: Output Power: 5W; Channels: 1, Input/Output: Other, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

Loud, impressive, and affordable – these are the words we would use to describe the TG116C Bluetooth Speaker. It is a powerful Chinese device with an audio noise ratio of 290 dB, dual speakers, and dual subwoofers, which make it a perfect choice for loud parties.

With a basic Bluetooth 5.0 chip, you’ll get a stable transmission to enjoy music with no lags. In addition to the Bluetooth interface, you can use USB sticks or memory cards to play your favorite tracks.

It also has one of the best batteries: 1200 mAh should be enough for 5-6 hours of continuous use – just remember that the speaker will discharge quickly at the highest volume settings.

Most of the 3100+ reviews are ‘5-star’, but there are some minor complaints about poor sound quality at mid-frequencies and a lack of deep bass.


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5. KPY Bluetooth Speaker

KPY Bluetooth Speaker

Specs: Output Power: 3W, Channels: 2 (2.0), Input/Output: USB, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

KPY is a small Chi-Fi brand, best known for its affordable audio devices across a wide range. And considering that their Bluetooth speaker was purchased more than 10,000 times on AliExpress, we are certain that this device can be a valuable addition to your audio setup.

The KPY speaker features a basic Bluetooth 5.0 chip, offering good compatibility with various devices and a transmission distance of 10 meters. The sound quality is also impressive – all thanks to double 6W/45 mm horns and two bass metal diaphragms smartly incorporated into the design.

With a powerful battery with a capacity of 750 mAh, you can use the speaker for 8 hours of active playback or up to 48 hours in standby mode. As for connectivity, the speaker supports Bluetooth connection, USB sticks, and memory cards.

However, while going through reviews, we found a potential drawback. One customer reported that the device uses Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 5.0, so we recommend confirming this detail with the seller before making a purchase.


4. M1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

M1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Specs: Channels: 1, Input/Output: TF, Cabinet Material: Metal, See all.

The tiny M1 portable Bluetooth speaker breaks every record on AliExpress, as it has an impressive order count of 50,000+! Chinese brand or not, it is the market’s bestseller and an awesome deal in terms of price-performance ratio, as it costs around $20.

We don’t exaggerate when we say “tiny”: this speaker is just 3×2.5 cm in size and 70 grams in weight – one of the smallest devices you’ll find. However, despite its size, it is equipped with an impressive 500 mAh battery – charge it for 2 hours, and you’ll get 3-4 hours of playback.

It is also extremely durable: in addition to an IPX5 waterproof certification, it is also reinforced by an anti-scratch and anti-fall design. You can take this speaker anywhere, even attach it to your smartphone as a keychain!

But even though it has the highest order count, we couldn’t rank this model in the first place due to its volume levels, as they are not loud enough for use on a desk setup.


3. HM11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

HM11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Specs: Output Power: 3W, Channels: 2 (2.0), Input/Output: Aux, Cabinet Material: PVC, See all.

The HM11 Bluetooth speaker is unique in terms of appearance: designed like a small radio, it has a distinguished retro vibe – an aesthetic that is highly adored by teenagers and adults alike. This statement is backed by the number of orders – this model was already purchased more than 10,000 times on AliExpress.

In addition to its unique design, it also provides excellent sound quality and a stable connection – all thanks to the 5.3 Bluetooth chip. What is also noteworthy about this model is its high level of functionality. You can synchronize it with your devices via Bluetooth, play audio recordings from a memory card, or connect using USB or AUX.

Regarding the battery capacity, there is some inconsistency in the product description, as it is stated as both 350 mAh and 400 mAh. Despite this inconsistency, you can expect around 3-4 hours of continuous playback.

Most of the 1700+ customer reviews are positive, which is a good sign. Some minor complaints mention missing cables, which were attributed to the seller’s oversight.


2. WISETIGER Bluetooth Speaker

WISETIGER Bluetooth Speaker

Specs: Output Power: 25W; Channels: 1, Input/Output: Other, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

A Bluetooth speaker by WISETIGER is the perfect solution for those who need an audio device for their pool parties. Why? Because it has a rare IPX7 waterproof certification, meaning that it is not afraid of splashes or even rain.

It is loud and powerful, with a 25W output, bass support, and an omnidirectional sound range. And with a capacious battery, you can enjoy a whole day of music playback.

However, the expensive price tag of $90-100 makes it less attractive to customers. You can find speakers with similar specifications for a far lower price.


1. Anker Soundcore Motion+

Anker Soundcore Motion+

Specs: Output Power: 30W, Channels: 2.0, Cabinet Material: Plastic, See all.

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers high-resolution 30W audio with extended bass and treble. It has a durable fabric covering and is IPX7 waterproof for outdoor use. The lightweight, compact cylindrical design is easy to take anywhere. It can pair with two devices simultaneously and has a range of up to 20 meters. The built-in 6700mAh Li-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous playtime. It supports Qualcomm aptX and SBC for optimized wireless sound.


  • Delivers powerful 30W audio with rich bass and clear treble;
  • IPX7 waterproof rating allows use in wet environments;
  • Compact, cylindrical design is highly portable;
  • Can pair with two devices at once for flexibility;
  • Good wireless range of up to 20 meters;
  • Large 6700mAh battery lasts up to 12 hours on a charge;
  • Supports high-quality aptX and SBC audio codecs;
  • Durable fabric covering protects against bumps and drops;
  • Provides stereo pairing and sound customization via app.


  • Fabric cover may be prone to staining;
  • Bass can distort at max volume;
  • Not the longest battery life compared to larger models;
  • No wired connection option if battery dies;
  • App has some connectivity issues for some users.

What’s the best Chinese Speaker on AliExpress

Choosing a Chinese Bluetooth speaker is not easy. There are too many options on AliExpress, so navigating the sea of offers requires time and attention to specifications. But we already did that for you! Here is our list of the top 3 picks that are likely to enhance your audio experience.

  • The second best is the HM11 Bluetooth Speaker – a Chinese device with unique retro aesthetics and nice sound quality. It also offers the best connectivity options, supporting Bluetooth 5.3, memory card, USB and AUX interfaces.
  • At an affordable price point, the WISETIGER Bluetooth Speaker seems to offer good value and performance for the price, making it a good option for those seeking a budget-friendly portable speaker.
  • Anker Soundcore Motion+ a versatile Bluetooth speaker praised for its great sound, robust build, and reasonable price point.

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