If you are living in a large private residence, it is natural to be concerned about your safety. Installing a set of security cameras with IP support can help alleviate your concerns. You will be able to assess and monitor the situation at your home from almost anywhere, whether it involves tracking thieves, unwelcome visitors, or even stray animals on your lawn. To assist you, we have chosen the top 10 best security cameras available on AliExpress – these devices will undoubtedly enhance your safety.

How to Choose the best IP Camera?

There are security cameras suitable for indoor or outdoor use, so it is the first thing you need to consider. If you require a camera to monitor street activities, consider selecting a device with the highest available zoom (4X or even 8X). For indoor monitoring, zooming may not be as crucial as the viewing angle: you’ll need a complete 360° wide-angle panoramic view to capture everything happening in the room.

Having a smart motion-detecting system installed on your camera is a good thing too: you’ll receive alerts when your camera finds anything suspicious and will follow the moving object.

Lastly, check the connection type – it’s preferable to have support for both wireless Wi-Fi and wired network interfaces.

Top 10 Chinese Security Cameras on Aliexpress

Model MP Lens (mm) Viewing Angle Aliexpress
10 ASECAM IP Camera 8 2.8 130° View
9 DUREVIN Solar Camera 4 4 85° View
8 BESY IP Camera 2 View
7 Larmcam Bulb Camera 3 3.6 350° View
6 JOOAN JA-F10R-4-U 8 3.6 90° View
5 BESDER XM-P3S 8 12 360° View
4 Fuers IP Camera 3 2 90° View
3 Xiaomi Mijia IP Camera 3 2 View
2 Perciron 1080P Security Camera 2 View
1 Lenovo X5Q 3 3.6 107° View

10. ASECAM IP Camera


Specs: Megapixels: 8MP, Lens (mm): 2.8mm, Viewing Angle: 130°, See all.

Our rating begins with the ASECAM IP camera – a basic surveillance device, with its only drawback being the high price. Equipped with an 8MP camera, it can record videos in exceptional 3840P HD quality – a feature not commonly found in most models.

To save memory space, the camera compresses the HD video: it doesn’t affect the quality, but allows you to store more footage.

Motion detection is also included, along with various vision modes, including infrared, smart color, and LED activation upon motion detection.

In addition to the high price, the drawbacks include poor nighttime recording quality, as reported by several customers.


9. DUREVIN Solar Camera

DUREVIN Solar Camera

Specs: Megapixels: 4MP, Operating Temperature: -20~50, Lens (mm): 4mm, Viewing Angle: 85°, See all.

The DUREVIN Solar Camera is a wireless outdoor security camera with pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. It has a 4MP sensor for sharp 1080p video and is equipped with night vision, motion detection alerts, and two-way audio. The camera is powered by a built-in solar panel and battery for continuous operation without wiring. Setup is easy with the ICSEE app which allows remote viewing and control from your smartphone. The weatherproof design is ideal for outdoor surveillance.


  • Wireless and solar-powered for flexible, cable-free outdoor installation;
  • Functionality allows complete pan 355° and tilt 90° monitoring and tracking;
  • Sharp 4MP video with night vision provides excellent monitoring day and night;
  • Motion detection alerts and two-way audio for increased security;
  • Easy remote access via smartphone with ICSEE app;
  • Weatherproof design handles outdoor elements like rain, snow, heat;
  • Long standby time thanks to solar charging and low power usage;
  • Simple plug-and-play setup without professional installation;
  • Affordable price point compared to PoE or wired alternatives.


  • Limited local storage, relies on cloud subscription for continuous recording;
  • Solar charging slower in winter or low light environments;
  • App connectivity can be intermittent if WiFi signal is weak;
  • PTZ motors make audible noise when moving the camera angle.

8. BESY IP Camera

BESY IP Camera

Specs: Lens (mm): 2MM, See all.

An IP camera by BESY is designed for discreet monitoring. It is incredibly small and can be attached to any iron-made surface thanks to the built-in magnet. If you don’t want people to know that they are being recorded, then this camera is your best option.

When disconnected from the cable, the battery provides up to 1 hour of recording, so it is recommended to keep it plugged in for better consistency.

The camera is operated and controlled through a smartphone app, where you can adjust the night vision mode and access additional options.

For a base price of less than $10, it is also the most affordable option on AliExpress. However, please note that this camera may not be the best solution for 24/7 home surveillance.


7. Larmcam Bulb Camera

Larmcam Bulb Camera

Specs: Viewing Angle: 350°, See all.

The Larmcam is a 1080p HD wireless security camera designed for outdoor use. It features a night vision and a 350° wide-angle lens to capture a large surveillance area. The camera is equipped with motion detection that can send alert notifications to your phone via the app. It has two-way audio so you can speak through the camera. The wireless design allows flexible placement without wiring and it can be mounted on walls or ceilings. The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides several months of standby on a single charge.


  • Wireless design allows flexible outdoor mounting without wiring
  • 1080p HD video and night vision provide clear imaging day and night
  • 350° wide-angle lens captures large areas in detail
  • Motion detection can send alerts to your phone when triggered
  • Two-way audio allows remote communication through the camera
  • Rechargeable battery powers it for months per charge
  • Easy installation without professional help required
  • Affordable cost compared to wired PoE security cameras


  • Video quality is decent but not as sharp as 4K cameras
  • WiFi signal strength affects video streaming quality

6. JOOAN JA-F10R-4-U


Specs: Megapixels: 8MP, Operating Temperature: -10°-60°, Lens (mm): 3.6mm, Viewing Angle: 90°, See all.

For a base price of $100, JOOAN offers a decent 5MP security camera with motion tracking support. We consider this offer slightly expensive, but let’s take a closer look at the device first.

This camera is one of the best in terms of durability because it has an IP66 certification. This means that the camera is waterproof, allowing you to install it outdoors without any issues.

Additionally, it is equipped with a 100 dB alarm system that can be triggered by motion detection. This ensures that the thieves won’t go unnoticed, and with various night vision modes, you’ll achieve improved visibility even in the dark.

Finally, in terms of connectivity, the IP camera supports wireless 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and wired network cable interfaces.


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Specs: Megapixels: 8MP, Operating Temperature: -10°-60°, Lens (mm): 12mm, Viewing Angle: 360°, See all.

BESDER’s indoor and outdoor security camera can surprise anyone with its 4-8MP image quality and enhanced viewing angle. The dual-lens design (12 mm and 2.8 mm) provides an ultra-wide view. Additionally, the lenses can be switched to focus on a specific area.

As a cherry on top, there is 8X digital zoom support to capture any detail without extreme blurriness that could decrease the picture quality.

A smart tracking system can lock onto a moving object and monitor its movement, whether it’s a stray cat or an unexpected visitor near your doorstep. You’ll receive a smartphone notification for every detection.

However, if you get tired of receiving frequent alarms for every movement, you can turn on AI Humanoid Detection – a system that tracks only human-shaped moving objects, with no false alerts for trees or pets.

Among minor complaints, there are reports of “dented packaging” upon delivery, which can be attributed to poor handling by couriers or postal services.


4. Fuers IP Camera

Fuers IP Camera

Specs: Megapixels: 3MP, Operating Temperature: -10°-60°, Lens (mm): 2MM, Viewing Angle: 90°, See all.

The security camera by Fuers fully lives up to its ‘simple and easy IP solution’ motto, as you’ll get one of the most affordable indoor monitoring devices available on AliExpress.

It can automatically track and follow movement – this way you’ll never miss anything suspicious going on in your house while you are away. The IP camera can also be easily integrated into the Smart Home system with Tuya and Smart Life apps, which feature advanced control options.

With the two-way voice system, you can talk to your family members anywhere in the house, so it is recommended to install and synchronize several Fuers cameras.

However, the fact that the camera doesn’t support zooming is a limitation that should be considered before purchase.


3. Xiaomi Mijia IP Camera

Xiaomi Mijia IP Camera

Specs: Megapixels: 3MP, Operating Temperature: -10°-50°, Lens (mm): 2MM, See all.

The only reason why the Xiaomi Mijia IP camera didn’t secure the first place in this rating is the fact that it is best suited for indoor use, such as a baby security and monitoring device. Even so, it features top-quality assembly and a set of functions essential for effective surveillance.

Its key feature is the 2K image quality with improved 2X zoom technology. It reduces blurring to keep even the smallest details on the screen – a feature that is especially useful when you’re monitoring your kids.

Night vision mode is also supported: thanks to 940-nm infrared lights you can watch your baby even in dimmed rooms, causing no disturbance.

The IP camera can also ease communication within the house, as the two-way voice calls support allows you to connect to your family members anywhere.

Among 330+ reviews, there are few complaints about the installation guide, which is only available in the Chinese language.


2. Perciron 1080P Security Camera

Perciron 1080P Security Camera

Specs: Lens (mm): 2MM, See all.

The second-best on AliExpress is the Perciron Chinese IP camera – an advanced surveillance device with an increased viewing angle. It also offers the best price-performance ratio in this rating and on the market as a whole: with a base price of $20, it can be purchased for less than $10 when regular discounts are applied.

It can be rotated 360° horizontally and 120° vertically to provide the best view of your house surroundings. Equipped with an advanced A7 camera with HD video support and motion tracking, it ensures full vision during night and day.

All the controls can be executed via your smartphone, and ‘motion detected’ notifications will also be sent to the designated app.

With an order count of 5000+ and almost 600 positive reviews, it has only a few customer complaints, such as the ‘fragile’ plastic quality.


1. Lenovo X5Q

Lenovo X5Q

Specs: Megapixels: 3MP, Operating Temperature: -10°-60°, Lens (mm): 3.6mm, Viewing Angle: 107°, See all.

An absolute bestseller with more than 10,000 orders and 2500+ positive reviews, Lenovo X5Q is the best IP camera you can buy on the market.

Equipped with smart detection technology, it can track movement and issue fully customizable sound alarms, making sure that no unwelcome trespassers bother your property. It can be attached to the wall or the ceiling and rotated remotely to cover the whole area with 270° horizontal and 90° vertical viewing angles.

In addition, it has 3 night modes to ensure maximum visibility: infrared vision, LED, and intelligent color vision. The image can also be zoomed 4X, so you won’t miss anything even during nighttime.

The camera supports wireless Wi-Fi and wired connections, which are additional bonuses.

The only drawback is the base price: if no discounts or promo codes are applied, it can reach up to $100, which is quite expensive for a single camera.


What’s the best Chinese Security Camera

With so many security cameras offered on Aliexpress, it is difficult to choose the best home surveillance device. But we have carefully looked through the most appealing offers to come up with our top-3 IP camera picks on the market.

A famous brand like Lenovo never disappoints, and the X5Q security camera is proof of this statement. Equipped with night vision modes, a smart motion detection system, and a wide-angle view, it is an exemplary monitoring and surveillance device.

If you are planning to save some money, then the Perciron Security Camera is your ultimate choice for home security. For an incredibly low price, you’ll get all the features of premium cameras, including double zoom, motion tracking, and HD-quality video recording to capture every single detail.

And, of course, we can’t forget about Xiaomi Mijia – one of the best Chinese brands when it comes to home equipment. Their IP camera is perfectly designed for indoor use, featuring two-way voice call support and a user-friendly application to access additional control options.

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