Discover the enchanting world of Pokémon cards on AliExpress, where collectors and trainers alike embark on a thrilling quest to find the best Pokémon cards to enhance their decks and collections. AliExpress serves as a vibrant marketplace where Pokémon enthusiasts can explore an extensive range of cards, from rare holographic gems to powerful legendary creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a budding trainer, AliExpress offers a diverse selection of high-quality Pokémon cards, providing a gateway to the excitement and strategy that define the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Dive into the digital bazaar to uncover coveted classics and new releases, transforming your Pokémon card collection into a treasure trove of iconic creatures and strategic possibilities.

How to choose a Pokemon Cards on AliExpress

When navigating the vast realm of Pokémon cards on AliExpress, it’s crucial to make informed choices to ensure a satisfying purchase. Here’s a concise guide to help you choose the best Pokémon cards:

  • Seller Reputation: Begin by checking the seller’s reputation and ratings. Reliable sellers often have positive reviews, indicating a history of satisfied customers. This ensures a more secure transaction.
  • Set and Rarity: Understand the different Pokémon card sets and rarities available. Research popular sets or specific cards you’re interested in to make an informed decision based on your preferences and collection goals.
  • Condition: Pay attention to the condition of the cards. Sellers usually mention whether the cards are new, near mint, or have any imperfections. This is crucial, especially for collectors seeking pristine cards.
  • Shipping Options: Check the shipping options and estimated delivery times. Some sellers offer faster shipping, while others may have more economical choices. Consider your timeline and budget when making a decision.
  • Communication with Seller: Don’t hesitate to communicate with the seller if you have any questions or need additional information. A responsive and helpful seller is likely to provide a smoother buying experience.
  • Price Comparison: Compare prices across different sellers to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Keep in mind that extremely low prices may raise concerns about the authenticity of the cards.
  • Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the seller’s return policy. In case the received items don’t match the description or if there are issues with the order, a clear return policy can be beneficial.

By considering these factors, you’ll be better equipped to navigate AliExpress’s Pokémon card marketplace and make well-informed choices that align with your collecting goals and preferences.

Top 10 Pokemon Cards on AliExpress

Model Recommend Age Theme Aliexpress
10 360Pcs Box Pokemon Cards 7-12 View
9 Pokemon Cards 1996 Year 7-12 Fantasy & Sci-Fi View
8 Metalicas Pokemon Cards 7-12 Many different View
7 Golden Pokemon Cards 7-12 View
6 Pokemon Cards Vmax Vstar 7-12 Many different View
5 Vmax GX Energy Pokemon Cards 7-12 Many different View
4 Pokemon Cards 2022 7-12 Fantasy & Sci-Fi View
3 Pokemon Cards by TAKARA TOMY 7-12 Fantasy & Sci-Fi View
2 Rainbow Pokemon Cards 7-12 Many different View
1 Black and Silver Pokemon Cards 7-12 Many different View

10. 360Pcs Box Pokemon Cards

360Pcs Box Pokemon Cards

Specs: Recommend Age: 14+y, See all.

The Pokemon Cards set from TAKARA TOMY, available on AliExpress, is a collection that replicates the popular trading card game. With a CE certification from Europe, this Picacuka box promises an exciting experience for Pokemon enthusiasts. The product is shipped from Mainland China and features a box that closely resembles the picture.


  • Customers appreciate the striking similarity to authentic Pokemon cards, making it challenging to distinguish.
  • The holographic cards included in the set are praised for their quality and visual appeal.
  • Many buyers have experienced surprisingly fast delivery times, receiving their orders in just over a week.
  • Several customers express satisfaction with the purchase, stating that the cards are worth the money.


  • Some buyers report receiving duplicate cards in their packs, which can be a drawback for collectors.
  • Feedback indicates that the quality of the cards can vary, with color discrepancies, blurry prints, and occasional damage during packaging.
  • Some customers mention discrepancies in the number of cards per pack, falling short of the advertised count.

In summary, the TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards set offers an affordable alternative for fans and collectors, with the caveat of potential quality variations and the acknowledgment that these cards are replicas, not originals.


9. Pokemon Cards 1996 Year

Pokemon Cards 1996 Year

Specs: Recommend Age: 12+y, Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, See all.

Explore the fantasy world of Pokemon with these TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards. Certified for Europe (CE), these cards cater to ages 7+. The set originates from Mainland China and offers a mix of fantasy and sci-fi themes.


  • The cards feature impressive designs, capturing the essence of Pokemon.
  • A cost-effective option for those who want to enjoy Pokemon cards without the high price tag.
  • Users appreciate the quality, especially considering they are imitations.
  • Multiple sets available, providing options for different preferences.


  • Complaints about missing cards from the collection, causing frustration among buyers.
  • Mixed reviews on the quality, with some cards having defects or being different from the advertised photos.
  • Not recommended for serious collectors due to noticeable differences from original cards.

While these TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards offer an affordable way to enjoy the Pokemon universe, they are not suitable for serious collectors.


8. Metalicas Pokemon Cards

Metalicas Pokemon Cards

Specs: Recommend Age: 18+, Theme: Many different, See all.

These Pokemon cards are a colorful and exciting addition to any collection. The set includes 55 cards in English gold color. The cards feature various Pokemon characters with high-quality printing and gold foil material, providing a visually appealing and durable collection for fans.


  • The cards are available in English and Spanish, catering to a broader audience.
  • The set includes a variety of Pokemon characters, offering a well-rounded collection.
  • Made with gold foil, the cards boast a high-quality and visually appealing finish.
  • Customers praise the product for its quality, delivery speed, and overall satisfaction.
  • The cards provide an affordable option for Pokemon enthusiasts compared to some in-store alternatives.


  • Some customers mention that the packaging is a bit light, which might affect card protection during shipping.
  • A few reviews note minor translation errors in the cards’ text.
  • Some customers express dissatisfaction with the repetition of certain Pokemon, like Pikachu and Charizard, in the set.
  • A few customers mention relatively high shipping costs, particularly for multiple sets.

Overall, these Pokemon cards from TAKARA TOMY seem to be a popular choice among buyers, offering an affordable and visually appealing option for Pokemon card collectors.


7. Golden Pokemon Cards

Golden Pokemon Cards

Specs: Recommend Age: 18+, See all.

The TAKARA TOMY Pokémon Cards available on AliExpress offer a colorful and engaging experience for young Pokémon enthusiasts. These cards, certified for Europe (CE), come in various language options such as English, Spanish, and French. The vibrant design may affect readability, but customers note their children’s delight as the primary satisfaction.


  • Bright and colorful design brings joy to children.
  • Various language options available (English, Spanish, French).
  • Positive feedback on product quality.
  • Fast delivery to different countries.
  • Good value for money according to several customers.


  • Some customers find the cards overly colorful, impacting readability.
  • Quality issues reported, such as poorly translated text and poorly cut cards.
  • Limited card variety in certain packages.
  • Some customers received damaged or unsealed boxes.

Overall, the TAKARA TOMY Pokémon Cards seem to be a hit among children, bringing joy with their vibrant colors. However, some quality issues and discrepancies in received products indicate the need for improved consistency in manufacturing and shipping. Potential buyers should consider these factors before making a purchase.


6. Pokemon Cards Vmax Vstar

Pokemon Cards Vmax Vstar

Specs: Recommend Age: 14+y, Theme: Many different, See all.

Explore the magical world of Pokémon with these captivating Pokémon cards. Certified by Europe (CE), the cards bear the reputable TAKARA TOMY brand name and are recommended for ages 7 and above. Made in Mainland China, these cards are a source of joy for children and collectors alike.


  • The cards boast intricate and beautiful designs, almost as impressive as the real ones.
  • Customers have reported that there are only a few duplications in the set, adding to the excitement of collecting.
  • The printing quality is praised, with some cards featuring relief for a more engaging experience.
  • Multiple reviews commend the seller for fast shipping, ensuring quick delivery.
  • Numerous positive reviews indicate high satisfaction among buyers.


  • Some customers reported that the packaging arrived cracked, potentially affecting the cards.
  • Some customers received cards with inscriptions in different languages, such as Spanish, leading to slight dissatisfaction.
  • A couple of reviews mentioned mistakes on some cards, and a few had issues with the back side of the cards being damaged.
  • A few customers faced challenges in obtaining refunds.

In summary, these Pokémon cards offer a visually appealing and diverse collection. While they have received praise for their design and variety, some customers faced issues with packaging, delivery, and card quality. It’s advisable to consider individual preferences and potential challenges before making a purchase.


5. Vmax GX Energy Pokemon Cards

Vmax GX Energy Pokemon Cards

Specs: Recommend Age: 14+y, Theme: Many different, See all.

These Pokemon Cards are a delightful addition for Pokemon enthusiasts. With a Europe certified (CE) designation, these cards are vouched for their quality and safety. Produced by TAKARA TOMY in Mainland China, they bear the Pikachu insignia and offer a diverse collection to cater to different age groups.

Superior in quality, these cards boast vibrant visuals and impeccable printing, capturing the essence of the Pokemon world. The set is a mix of 81 cards in Spanish, English, French, and German, providing language options for a wider audience.


  • Europe certified for safety.
  • High-quality printing and vibrant visuals.
  • Varied language options – Spanish, English, French, and German.
  • Suitable for a wide age range (7 years and above).
  • Fast shipping with positive customer feedback.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Some customers noted minor variations in the black color of the cards.
  • A few customers received repeated cards in their sets.
  • While some customers praised the quality, others found the cards a bit thin.

In summary, these Pokemon Cards seem to offer a fantastic combination of quality, variety, and affordability, making them a hit among buyers of all ages. The positive customer feedback indicates satisfaction with the product, and the set’s diverse themes contribute to its appeal.


4. Pokemon Cards 2022

Pokemon Cards 2022

Specs: Recommend Age: 18+, Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, See all.

The Pokemon Cards available on AliExpress, under the brand TAKARA TOMY, offer an exciting collection for fans of Fantasy & Sci-Fi themes. These cards, originating from Mainland China, are certified by China (3C) and suitable for ages 7 and above. The set boasts a vibrant array of designs, capturing the essence of the Pokemon universe.


  • The cards showcase stunning and detailed designs, capturing the essence of the Pokemon world.
  • Customers receive a diverse set, with different card types like GX, VMAX, and TagTeam, providing a comprehensive collection.
  • The cards feature a beautiful shine, adding to their aesthetic appeal.
  • The product offers good value for money, making it an attractive option for Pokemon enthusiasts.
  • Many customers have reported fast delivery times, contributing to a positive buying experience.


  • Some buyers have noted receiving repeated cards in their packages.
  • A few customers reported issues with packaging, such as open packages or cards not enclosed in plastic.
  • Customers mentioned a neutral rating due to not communicating with the seller.

The overall sentiment from reviews suggests that these Pokemon Cards are a visually appealing and affordable option for collectors, with some variations in the quality of packaging and potential repetitions in the set.


3. Pokemon Cards by TAKARA TOMY

Pokemon Cards by TAKARA TOMY

Specs: Recommend Age: 12+y, Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, See all.

The TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards available on AliExpress offer a fantasy and sci-fi theme, catering to fans of all ages, with a recommended age range of 7-12 years. The cards are replicas of the original Pokemon cards, maintaining good quality and fast shipping.


  • Customers praise the cards for being of good quality, almost identical to the originals.
  • Multiple reviews highlight the cards’ arrival ahead of schedule, indicating prompt delivery.
  • Different sets like MEGA, GX, VMAX, TAG, and EX are available, allowing buyers to choose according to their preferences.
  • Several customers express satisfaction with the vibrant artwork and overall quality.
  • The cards provide an economical option for collectors, offering an alternative to expensive booster packs.


  • Some customers note that the replica cards have slightly darker printing compared to the originals.
  • A few reviews mention receiving duplicate cards, which may be disappointing for those seeking a diverse collection.
  • A couple of customers report missing or damaged cards upon delivery.

In summary, the TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards are well-received for their affordability and decent quality, making them a popular choice for collectors looking for budget-friendly alternatives.


2. Rainbow Pokemon Cards

Rainbow Pokemon Cards

Specs: Recommend Age: 14+y, Theme: Many different, See all.

The TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards, originating from Mainland China, offer an engaging collection for fans of all ages. These cards promise an exciting experience for collectors and players alike. The cards are Europe certified (CE), ensuring safety and quality.


  • The cards meet European safety and quality standards.
  • Colorful and attractive cards that captivate the attention of children.
  • Customers express satisfaction with the product’s quality and variety.
  • Some customers received their orders ahead of schedule, providing a quick turnaround.


  • Some buyers reported receiving damaged boxes, although the cards inside were in perfect condition.
  • Some customers received cards in a language different from what they ordered.
  • Complaints about receiving the same cards in multiple packages.
  • Some customers noted that the cards had scratches or repetitions, indicating potential quality issues.

In summary, the TAKARA TOMY Pokemon Cards offer a visually appealing and diverse collection, but potential issues such as box damage and quality concerns should be considered before purchase. Customer feedback suggests a mix of positive experiences with some receiving the desired product, while others faced challenges with delivery and card quality.


1. Black and Silver Pokemon Cards

Black and Silver Pokemon Cards

Specs: Recommend Age: 14+y, Theme: Many different, See all.

Enhance your Pokémon collection with these captivating Pokémon Cards by TAKARA TOMY. The cards are certified for safety with a CE mark and are suitable for ages 7 and above. The cards showcase beloved characters like Pikachu and other Pokémon, making them an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. The set includes shiny and metal cards, adding excitement to your collection.


  • Europe certified for safety (CE), ensuring quality and suitability for children.
  • Suitable for Pokémon enthusiasts of different ages, from kids to adults.
  • Features popular Pokémon characters, including Pikachu, adding excitement to the collection.
  • Ideal for birthday and Christmas gifts, with shiny and metal cards for added appeal.


  • Some customers reported receiving damaged boxes, affecting the presentation.
  • Inconsistent quantities of specific cards were reported, with some users receiving duplicates.
  • While some appreciated unique designs, others noted a preference for more design variety.

Overall, these Pokémon Cards offer an exciting addition to any collection, with a few considerations regarding packaging and card completeness. Buyers have expressed satisfaction with the product’s quality and variety, making it a recommended choice for Pokémon enthusiasts.



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