A multimeter is a useful tool for measuring electrical values in domestic or professional environments – such as AC/DC voltage, current and resistance. This tool is often used for diagnostics of electrical appliances, as well as in engineering and laboratories. In this article, we will provide you with some useful tips on how to choose a multimeter and cover the best Chinese devices available on AliExpress.

How to Choose a Multimeter on AliExpress?

Let’s assume that you are looking for a multimeter for household applications, and it’s your first time buying one. There are tons of different Chinese multimeters available on AliExpress, so it may seem challenging to pick the right one. However, there are general recommendations that might help you in the process.

  • Identify What Will You Will Measure: For home use, you’ll need AC/DC voltage and current measurements, resistance, capacitance, and, in some cases, continuity tests. Based on that, choose a device that supports all of the listed measurements: there is no need to overpay for functions that you are not going to use.
  • Pay Attention to Measurement Ranges: For domestic use, a multimeter that supports measurement values up to 400-500 volts is a solid (and affordable) choice. Professionals may opt for something more expensive but with a better range.
  • Check if a Battery is Included: In most cases, multimeters bought on AliExpress come without a power supply (in accordance with transportation rules), which means that you have to buy a battery yourself.

Top 10 Chinese Multimeters on AliExpress



Specs: See all.

Let’s start our article with something beginner-friendly and simple. The RM113D multimeter is a digital model with auto-range features, supporting general measurements such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and even temperature values.

It is equipped with a big and bright display and backlight/flashlight functions, which you’ll find especially useful if you happen to work in a dim environment.

The ranges are described on the product page, and we won’t list them here (the same applies to other multimeters that will be featured later on), but note that the device is suitable for domestic use.

Note that the multimeter uses three AAA-type batteries, which are not included in the package.


9. Venlab VM-600A

Venlab VM-600A

Specs: See all.

The VM-600A multimeter by Venlab is not the best choice on AliExpress in terms of size and portability, but it offers many features for any scenario. The device can be used to measure voltage, frequency, capacitance, and other values in a wide range (all of the specifications are listed on the description page), making it a reliable choice for professional electricians and engineers.

One of the features that customers note is the high precision of measurements, which was made possible thanks to the new-generation Venlab Chip.

The multimeter is powered by 4 AAA-type batteries, but note that they are not included in the package.




Specs: See all.

Spoiler alert: this is not the first time you’ll be seeing ANENG-manufactured multimeters featured in our article. This is explained by the fact that ANENG is one of the biggest Chinese-based suppliers of electric diagnostic tools and instruments. As for the brand’s multimeters, they are widely used in domestic and professional spheres.

SZ02 is a burn-proof digital multimeter with smart features and precise measuring methods. You can automatically select the measuring function and required range, making the device user-friendly even for those who have never operated a multimeter before.

The tool can be used to measure AC/DC current and voltage, resistance and capacitance, as well as run a diode test.


7. BSIDE Multimeter

BSIDE Multimeter

Specs: See all.

Classic multimeters resemble thick calculators in appearance. Such a format is common but not always convenient, especially when you have limited space for tools. The BSIDE Smart Multimeter is shaped like a pen, making it much easier to carry and store.

Despite its size, the device is a fully functional diagnostics tool, capable of measuring DC/AC voltage, continuity, capacitance, resistance and so on. Most importantly, the multimeter has a data hold function to lock the measurements on the display for later viewing.

Additional features include a simple button controls system, an in-built LED flashlight and a sturdy protective case to keep your multimeter safe and sound.

Customers note that BSIDE Multimeter is a “must-have” for electricians, car owners and those who need to regularly run electric tests in challenging environments.


6. ANENG M118A


Specs: AC Current: 20mA/10A, AC Voltage: 0.5V ~ 600V, DC Current: 20mA/10A, DC Voltage: 0.5V ~ 600V, See all.

The M118A multimeter from AliExpress by ANENG is an effective multipurpose instrument to measure DC/AC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, run continuity and zero line/fire line tests, and so on. In addition, you can also measure the diode and true RMS value.

The multimeter is equipped with a flashlight. This small feature, along with the automatic shutdown function and many measurement modes, makes it a perfect tool for professional use. In addition, multimeter pens come with small dust caps for safe storage.

With almost 2,000 positive reviews and 5,000+ orders, the M118A is a reliable choice. Just note that it uses two 1.5V AAA-type batteries, which are not included in the package, so make sure to buy them.


5. ZLJJ USB Multimeter ZL128B

ZLJJ USB Multimeter ZL128B

Specs: AC Current: 10mA-10A, AC Voltage: 0V-750V, DC Current: 10mA-10A, DC Voltage: 1V-1000V, See all.

It is important to note that the link above offers not one but four different models of the same multimeter, all equipped with different power units. However, we will review the one that is frequently sought out by professional electricians and engineers – the ZL128B Multimeter with USB charging, a convenient solution for electric measurements in any environment.

The tool is equipped with a 1000Ah rechargeable battery – you can use the Type-C interface to charge it when needed, and then use it for long hours. In terms of performance, the device is suitable for DC/AC voltage measurements (smart and manual modes), True RMS, DC/AC current value, resistance, and capacitance tests, among others.

In general, this multifunctional device is helpful in any scenario, but at a price of $22, it may be too expensive for domestic use.




Specs: See all.

It is not the last time we’ll be featuring ANENG multimeters in our article. After all, this is a product of a well-known Chinese manufacturer that specializes in tools, instruments, and repair accessories. As for the XL830L model, it is one of the company’s bestsellers, with this compact multimeter having received an order count of 5,000+ and more than 1,300 customer reviews.

This $7 device can be used for general purposes, such as measuring current, voltage, and resistance values with high precision, as noted by customers. The tool is equipped with a bright screen with a blue backlight, making it easy to read the data even in a dim environment.

The multimeter is powered by a 6F22 9V battery, but the power unit is not included in the package; you’ll have to purchase it separately.


3. KPY Handheld Digital Multimeter

Best Chinese Multimeters on AliExpress

Specs: See all.

If you are an electrician looking for a compact and portable multimeter for repair work, then this $7 Digital Multimeter by KPY is a reliable choice. The tool is suitable for DC/AC voltage measurements, resistance, diode tests, and other types of electrical value analysis.

The multimeter is equipped with a bright LED display, so you’ll have no trouble reading the results even in a dark environment. There is some level of customization as well since you can choose one of the four case colors.

The device has received 11,000+ reviews (most of them are positive) and has received 10,000+ orders on AliExpress, indicating that it is trusted by customers worldwide. One of the strong points of the product is that it comes with bubble packaging, which ensures that the multimeter won’t be damaged during transportation.


2. ANENG A830L


Specs: AC Voltage: 200-600V, See all.

With more than 11,000+ positive reviews and an order count of 10,000+, the A830L multimeter by the Chinese-based manufacturer ANENG is a popular piece of repair equipment available on AliExpress. The tool is designed to accurately measure values such as DC/AC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode, and frequency with high precision.

It is convenient and portable because it is equipped with a flashlight. This means that the multimeter can be operated even in dim environments. For power supply, the tool uses a single 9V battery, which must be bought separately, as it is not included in the package. Additionally, the tool has an appealing black and orange plastic design.

Customers note that for less than $8 the tool features surprisingly good quality and performs well, displaying accurate and reliable measurements.


1. DT-830B Digital Multimeter

DT-830B Digital Multimeter

Specs: See all.

With more than 50,000+ orders, the DT-830B is an absolute bestseller among digital multimeters on AliExpress. This compact model (7×12.6 cm in size) is available for less than $7, which also makes it the best offer in terms of price and performance ratio.

The tool can measure DC voltage and current, as well as run DC/AC current tests and capacitance tests. For these purposes, the multimeter is equipped with a common and 10A current input jack, as well as an input jack to measure voltage and resistance. In terms of power supply, the device uses a 6F22 9V battery (not included in the package).

According to customer reviews, the DT-830B digital multimeter is a good choice for school laboratories, as it is easy to use. It is reported that measurements of electrical values are always correct, so it is worth adding to your repair kit.


What is the best multimeter on AliExpress?

As the best tool for any scenario, we recommend the DT-830B Digital Multimeter. Loved for its precise measurements, low price, and user-friendly interface, it is a reliable device for electrical analysis in different environments, whether it is domestic repair work or tests in a school laboratory.

For professional use in challenging environments, such as construction sites, consider trying the ANENG A830L – a multimeter manufactured by a well-known Chinese brand. Equipped with a flashlight and all the necessary measurement and test modes, it is a helpful multifunctional tool for electricians and engineers.

For something more portable and beginner-friendly, we recommend the KPY Handheld Digital Multimeter – a small but powerful device for general measurements, with perfect packaging as an additional bonus.


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