Customizable Pandora bracelets and charms have swept through the entire world as a huge success: first introduced in 2000, they remain one of the most sought-after jewelry pieces for teens and young women.

Pandora charms are not just cute – each handcrafted bead is unique; you will not find two identical pieces. In addition, Pandora often collaborates with famous brands and franchises. For example, they have worked with Disney and Harry Potter to create limited collections of exclusive charms.

All of this explains why Pandora charms are expensive. However, why overpay when you can find affordable options on Chinese online retail service? In this article, we will cover the best Pandora Stores on AliExpress.

Pandora Stores on AliExpress: Replicas or Original Charms?

Note that when shopping for Pandora charms on AliExpress, you won’t find authentic products. The jewelry you see are replicas inspired by original designs.

But even those replicas are made of quality materials (such as 925 silver coating) and feature lots of details, which places them almost on the same level as authentic charms.

The best part about replicas is that they are extremely affordable. You can assemble a whole bracelet for the price of a single original charm.

Top 12 Pandora Stores on AliExpress


Andora Andora
Andora Andora

The only thing the Andora store is missing to pass as an authorized Pandora reseller is the letter “P” in its name – otherwise, it is the ultimate place to shop for charms of any type.

There are so many collections available that we lost count, including butterfly charms with 925 sterling silver coating, astronaut edition charms, zodiac signs, letters, symbols… And all of that for less than a dollar! Seriously, one charm can be bought for as low as $0.50, and you’ll also get a discount if you buy 3 or more.

Customers on AliExpress say that the delivery is fast, and the charms look even better in real life than in a photo – what else is there to ask for?


Disneyland Disneyland
Disneyland Disneyland

Named after a famous amusement park, Disneyland doesn’t offer rides. Instead, it provides a collection of Pandora charms that are so well-crafted and detailed that you won’t be able to distinguish an original from a fake one.

Their top-selling pieces include character-inspired charms: Disney princesses, Marvel heroes, Star Wars iconic characters and so on. You can also find random beads and letters, but they are less popular.

Many customers note that the charms are faithful to the original beads. If you go to the customer reviews section, you’ll even find side-by-side comparisons, such as Pooh the Bear and Darth Vader’s Helmet charms.

But, as expected with such quality, charms in this store are expensive. Expect to pay around $5-7 for one bead.

My All Jewel Store

My All Jewel Store My All Jewel Store
My All Jewel Store My All Jewel Store

My All Jewel Store offers on AliExpress a variety of charms unmatched by any other. Chameleon charms, cute teddy bears, hearts, cartoon characters, zodiac signs, doughnuts, and more – with so many beads available, customizing a perfect Pandora bracelet won’t be a problem.

With a price range of $3-7, the quality of charms is surprisingly high. Some customers stated that they wear their Pandora charms daily, even taking baths with a bracelet on, and all the while, their charms don’t tarnish.

Additionally, charms appear to be hypoallergenic, indicating that the coating is made of genuine silver or, at the very least, surgical steel.


Yeagle Yeagle
Yeagle Yeagle

The charms offered by Yeagle are funny and unique. Instead of promoting classical heart-shaped charms and cute beads, the store features chameleons that change color with temperature, funny animals, and random objects like buses and headphones.

Of course, there are traditional charms as well, but who needs a heart when you can have an adorable octopus?

What’s interesting is that some customers in the reviews section claim that the charms are made of real 925 silver, though we can’t be sure if they tested them. One thing is true – Yeagle charms are affordable, pretty, and worth checking out.


Bamoer Bamoer
Bamoer Bamoer

Bamoer store is a true veteran of AliExpress, with 12 years of customer service and more than 2.3 million subscribers. A store this big doesn’t offer just Pandora charms: their catalogue has a very large and diverse range of jewelry pieces, which is regularly updated.

As for the charms, they are incredibly well-crafted and offered in various editions. You’ll find an ocean series of charms featuring tail-shaped beads, vintage collections, romantic symbols, flowers and so much more. Prepare to spend a good amount of money while shopping for charms!

Prices are reasonable too: there are charms for less than a dollar, and there are more expensive options for $10, so you’ll find a charm for any budget.



WOSTU is not just a jewelry store – it is a factory with a long history on the market and a solid base of regular customers (most of them are wholesalers). The store doesn’t have a shortage of offers, as it sells earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets in addition to cute charms.

Shop categories are easy to navigate, and there is a whole section dedicated only to Pandora charms. There is almost any type of bead available: silver hearts decorated with rhinestones, flowers, charms against the evil eye and so on.

Prices differ, though; you can find charms for less than a dollar, and there are some expensive beads priced around $11-12 each.

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CODEDOG store is a good place to look for “classy” Pandora charms which are perfect as a gift option.

Beads offered here have a feminine and girly design: you’ll find plenty of cute animals, hearts, butterflies, and flowers heavily decorated with rhinestones. When customized into a bracelet, these shiny charms will look amazing on your wrist.

Prices are standard for charms offered on AliExpress; a regular bead can be purchased for $1-3, depending on its style.

Customers note fast delivery and well-made charms – you can find plenty of photos in the reviews section to verify this.



Inspired by the motto ‘for every memorable moment,’ ATHENAIE has been on the AliExpress market for over 8 years, maintaining its reputation as a trusted jewelry supplier.

Their charms are unique: usually, the beads are offered individually, rather than as a part of a collection. Some of the most popular beads include a fox face and an adorable robot charm.

The manufacturer claims to use authentic Italian Murano glass to decorate the charms.

However, if you are looking for exact replicas of original Pandora charms, you won’t find them in this store. ATHENAIE promotes its unique designs, even though its charms are compatible with Pandora bracelets.



With just around 1.7k subscribers, Bafora may appear small, but the store has been on the market for the last 5 years and consistently updates its catalog with new charm designs.

Their bestselling piece is a firefly charm that glows in the dark – such a piece of jewelry will easily surprise any Pandora fan. But aside from the firefly, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from: there are kittens, travel charms, adorable mushrooms and so on.

Note that the charms are labeled as 925 silver, but don’t solely rely on the seller’s word for it; most likely, the beads have just a thin layer of metal or silver coating.



One unique aspect of the Eleshe Jewelry Store on AliExpress is that they have pieces made of real 925 sterling silver – including Pandora charms.

Their charms are more expensive – you can expect to pay around $10-$15 for a single bead, but a discount is applied if you buy multiple pieces.

Aside from that, there is a decent selection of dazzling charms heavily inspired by the Pandora Moments collection, so you’ll surely find something unique for your bracelet.

Silver Bead Bracelets

Silver Bead Bracelets Silver Bead Bracelets
Silver Bead Bracelets Silver Bead Bracelets

As the name suggests, this medium-sized store offers a variety of Pandora-styled bracelets and charms. Silver letters decorated with rhinestones, collections of owl charms, nature and celestial symbols, animals, and pets – you can find almost anything you need.

When it comes to prices, the store keeps to the standard (for AliExpress) of $4 per piece. The best part is that charms appear to be of good quality; customers happily show off their purchases in the reviews section.


Ulight Ulight
Ulight Ulight

The Ulight Factory Store became popular after they introduced their $7.90 per piece charms collection. Crafted with impressive attention to detail, the collection features one of the cutest dangling charms and beads on AliExpress. Make sure to check the avocado charm!

Customers note that charms are consistent with both the description and the photos. They don’t tarnish after months of wear, indicating that there is at least a thin layer of silver or metallic coating.

AliExpress Silver Charms: Are They Real?

The goal of any AliExpress seller is to sell you their products, so they won’t hesitate to embellish the characteristics of the charms. Many stores will claim that they are selling genuine 925 silver charms, which might be true – but only to a certain extent.

Some charms do have a 925 silver or shiny metal coating and can even pass the acid tests, but the mystery lies in what’s inside the charms. The general recommendation is not to go too cheap when shopping for charms; a $5 charm will surely be better than a $1 charm and won’t tarnish over the year.

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