Watches are a must-have accessory for a business casual or classic outfit, and they are sometimes considered indicators of a person’s status and wealth. Recognizing the importance of choosing the right watch, in this rating, we will review the top-selling Chinese watch brands available on AliExpress.

What to consider when choosing the best Watch Brand on AliExpress?

Just like when you are choosing watches, there are some criteria to be taken into account when selecting the brand – we will share a list of key points which we considered ourselves for this article.

  1. Order count. To understand whether the brand is popular with customers or not, it’s better to choose 1-2 bestselling products and see how many times they were ordered. It creates a reliable image since some of the reviews can be fake.
  2. Store rating. If the brand has an official store on AliExpress, check the percentage of positive reviews – if it is higher than 90%, then it is a good sign.
  3. Customer reviews. Customers don’t write reviews about the brand; they write about the products! So, we randomly chose several watches from each brand and scanned through customers’ reviews to see what they think about performance – this gives a more or less reliable image of the overall brand’s quality.

Top 10 Watch Brands on AliExpress



OLEVS brand gets a good portion of its inspiration from Western watchmakers: their top-selling models feature elegant designs with thin wrist presence, luminous coating to ensure visibility at night, coated glass mirrors resistant to scratching, chronometric dials and waterproofness.

One of the brand’s specialties is couple watches, making them a perfect gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day. In terms of movement mechanism, the brand offers both mechanical and quartz watches with smooth ticking.

However, the brand is less popular with customers than others, possibly due to its higher prices.




The reason why the WOKAI brand was placed at the bottom of our rating has nothing to do with the quality of its products or customers’ trust.

On the contrary, WOKAI watches often appear at the top of search results on AliExpress, and all of the brand’s models have an average rating of 4.4 and more. The fact that the brand doesn’t have an official store page or at least an external website is what confuses customers.

As for the watches, they are represented mostly by men’s quartz models suitable for “businessmen and gentlemen” – and the prices are quite good, too. For example, the top-selling products include the classic Rose Gold watches, an elegant model with three dials and an adjustable leather strap, available for less than $10.


8. Synoke


Synoke offers affordable digital watches which are a perfect choice for daily use: they feature big screens, leather straps for a comfortable fit and a 5-stars precision.

The catalogue offers models for men, women, and even children, so you can buy gifts for the whole family from the same shop. Aside from cheaper models, there is a Smael (or Samael) series of watches, which imitate luxurious products suitable for the business casual style.

However, the quality and durability correspond to the low prices, which might be considered a drawback.


7. Pagani Design

Pagani Design

Pagani Design was established back in 2012 in China, and since its first days, the brand showed commitment to a research and development approach in watchmaking. It is not surprising that the brand limits the number of manufacturing processes to 28 at a time to maintain the highest quality and adhere to international standards.

The brand’s catalogue features women’s and men’s watches of various designs: there are classic watches with thin and medium wrist presence and small dials on silver bands, the moon watches with a chronograph, and simpler models for daily use.

For movement, some of the models use the VK63 quartz mechanism imported from Japan, which ensures durability. However, the prices are often perceived as a disadvantage; watches can cost $500 or even more, which is one of the highest prices on AliExpress.




SKMEI is an international brand with a presence in 200 countries. The manufacturer gives a lot of attention to precision, quality, innovation, customer, and service.

They have some very interesting models: Cyberpunk-inspired watches with bright yellow bands, water-resistant sport watches for cyclers and joggers, smart models to track your calories and steps, and even alarm wristwatches to wake you up!

In terms of movement, the brand offers quartz watches for daily use, as well as expensive mechanical wristwatches and digital models for those who need something practical. Moreover, the brand offers highly competitive prices on AliExpress, making it a worthwhile choice.


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If you are looking for sports watches or something with a prevailing military theme in design, then the LIGE brand might catch your attention with its top-selling quartz models for men.

But don’t think that they only offer watches with thick wrist presence or massive dials: there are some elegant gold-like wristwatches with moon phase indicators and slim women’s models with silver bands and sharp-tipped hands. They also offer watches inspired by oceanic colors, such as those in the Deep Sea Temptation series.

The only drawback is the high price in comparison to other AliExpress-based brands.



If, by any chance, you are a fan of massive wristwatches, then you will like what the NAVIFORCE brand has to offer.

Present on AliExpress, their shop has been operating since 2019 and has garnered more than 98.6% positive reviews, demonstrating the trust customers have in the brand.

While they do have a small selection of women’s watches, the brand mostly focuses on male models. Geared toward businessmen, the watches feature quartz movement (digital or calendar), two dials, a variety of silver and gold colors in the design, as well as wide stainless steel straps.

Among bestselling models are the Quartz Analog Digital wristwatch, the Business Classic model, and the Military Luxury chronograph alarm watches, so keep an eye open for them while scanning the catalogue.


3. Steeldive


Steeldive watches are available on AliExpress through their official store, which has 97.4% of positive reviews – and this is certainly a good sign.

Operating for 12 years, the brand offers highly durable stainless-steel watches. The reinforced dial makes the watches resistant to mechanical impact, and their waterproof design provides additional protection against weather conditions.

Among the top-selling models are SD1953 – a tribute to the classical watches adored by business casual style lovers, and the SD1970 – are waterproof mechanical watches that will serve you for a long time.


2. Poedagar


Poedagar is an independent Chinese brand with a luxurious approach to design that offers watches for women and men who appreciate high fashion.

While the selection is quite rich, most of the models belong to the classic series, making them a perfect fit for businessmen or office workers looking for accessories to complement their image. Among some of the top-selling models are square-shell waterproof watches, chronograph wristwatches and elegant stainless-steel bracelets for women.

What’s even better is that the brand offers affordable prices and has a very lenient shipping policy, which serves as an additional bonus.


1. Curren


The reason we placed this brand at the top of our list is the popularity behind its products: Curren watches have an average rating of 4.6 on AliExpress, with the top-selling models counting more than 5k orders.

Going with the “quality watches for less” motto, Curren offers men’s and women’s watches at fairly reasonable prices. A wide selection of models leaves room for customers’ choice and consideration: there are smart watches with HD display, classy female watches with steel bands and rhinestone-decorated dials and many more.

What’s even better is that the brand regularly releases new models, which make their way to AliExpress as well.


Which Chinese Watch brand is the best on AliExpress?

With so many brands present on the market, we tried to highlight the best of them.

Curren brand came out as a winner in this game: offering the best price-performance ratio, its watches got the biggest number of positive reviews.

In terms of versatility and available selection, Poedagar and Steeldive brands share the second and third places, respectively. Whether you need a mechanical or quartz wristwatch, they are a solid choice.

Honorable mentions go to Naviforce and SKMEI – two brands that offer the best prices on AliExpress.

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