There are days when we feel lazy to spend even a couple of minutes brushing our teeth in the morning, and that’s completely normal (although not welcomed by our dentists). In this case, an electric toothbrush can be a way to fight ‘toothbrushing procrastination’. Released in 2019, Xiaomi Mijia T100 in no time became a bestseller among electric toothbrushes. In this article, we will cover its main features. Don’t worry, this review is not sponsored by your dental clinic!


Before we proceed to the unboxing and the actual review, let’s quickly review the specifications of the Xiaomi Mijia T100:

  • Type: Electric toothbrush
  • Materials: ABS
  • Battery capacity: 700mAh
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Bristles: KR Dual Sharp Brush
  • Waterproof endurance: IPX7

We’ll have a closer look at each one of them and explain how these characteristics affect the overall performance, but here is a small spoiler: this cheap electric toothbrush is better than some expensive models.

Packaging and appearance

Toothbrush Xiaomi Mijia T100

While clothing doesn’t define a person, in the case of electric appliances, packaging plays a crucial role. The toothbrush comes in a small box, which may vary in color (blue, yellow, or green) depending on the model you ordered: on its side, you’ll find short descriptions in Chinese, which is not helpful – unless you can understand characters, of course. But even without the translation key features are easily identifiable thanks to the small icons.

Upon unpackaging, you’ll find a toothbrush inside – along with the manual (in Chinese, again), an interchangeable head and a 50 cm long USB cable for charging. Make sure to charge your toothbrush before using it out of the box!

As for the appearance, the toothbrush looks expensive: the handle is made of ABS plastic, has 3 LED indicators on it and weighs approximately 42-47 grams.


Toothbrush Xiaomi Mijia T100

When our Xiaomi Mijia T100 toothbrush is finally charged, it’s time to test it in action! Now, let’s not stray too far from discussing battery capacity. After 4 hours of charging, the toothbrush can last up to 30 days. Customers who used the toothbrush twice a day confirm that the battery lasts for around 20-25 days on a single charge. This makes it a convenient option to take on trips, even if you forget the charger.

The toothbrush is waterproof, as expected of a device which is intended for bathroom use: thanks to the IPX7 water resistance standard your device will survive falling into the water.

The device features a powerful motor at its core, capable of delivering 16,500 rpm. You can use the toothbrush in standard mode for deep cleaning or switch it to the delicate mode to protect sensitive or bleeding gums – simply press the power button twice.

But even if you are not careful enough with the speed modes, the toothbrush itself limits the cleaning time to 2 minutes: every 30 seconds the vibrations will slow down to notify you to change the cleaning zone, and after 120 seconds the motor will turn off automatically. Xiaomi calls this “scientific brushing,” and it works because it helps you learn how to brush your teeth correctly. Another reason for your dentist to be happy!


Toothbrush Xiaomi Mijia T100

We already know that the standard packaging contains only one interchangeable head with slender and soft hypoallergenic bristles – they are gentle on the gums while being effective for cleaning the tooth enamel. However, it is possible to customize the toothbrush by ordering an additional set of heads available on AliExpress: they are cheap, can be easily adjusted and provide an additional improvement to user performance.

Pros and cons

So far, we have mainly discussed the advantages of the Xiaomi Mijia T100 electric toothbrush, which can be summarized as follows:

  • An affordable price combined with excellent performance;
  • A powerful engine;
  • Up to 30 days of battery autonomy and fast charging;
  • 30-second zone reminder and 2-minute timer with auto shutdown;
  • Two cleaning modes for delicate and effective cleaning;
  • Interchangeable head with soft bristles;
  • Waterproof;
  • Lightweight, but perfectly balanced;
  • Customizable, available in 3 different colours and can be further adjusted with additional toothbrush heads.

In fairness, this review must also consider some of the disadvantages mentioned by real customers. We have reviewed their feedback and found the following drawbacks:

  • Noisy, according to some reviewers;
  • MicroUSB charging port – it would be better if it had a USB Type-C charging port;
  • No smart functions, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection;
  • Still considered expensive by several customers.


If you never had an electric toothbrush, Xiaomi Mijia T100 is a perfect choice, as it combines an affordable price with excellent performance. It’s handy, ergonomic and has an impressive battery life, making it possible to use it without charging for up to one month. But what’s more important is that with this toothbrush you’ll learn how to properly brush your teeth and enjoy the process.


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