Shaving and styling your beard should be easy and affordable, but in reality, men often struggle with this when trying to do it themselves at home: this eventually drives them to professional barbershops, when they could be saving money! However, even “dollar-stores” on AliExpress offer a simple and cheap solution to the problem – like the Vintage T9 Trimmer, which is so good that even experienced barbers keep it at hand. We are going to test this statement and deliver you a detailed review of this model.


Essentially, Vintage T9 Trimmer is a cordless budget hair clipper available on AliExpress. It can be purchased for the average price of $10-12, making it an optimal choice for a limited budget. But before moving on to an actual review, let’s take a quick look at its technical characteristics:

  • Type: Cordless hair trimmer
  • Materials: Mixed
  • Package Dimensions:71×4.39 cm
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 18650/In-built
  • Charging time: USB fast charge for 2.5 hours

We are not diving into more specific characteristics, as we are going to explore them below – starting from the packaging.

Packaging and appearance

Vintage T9 Trimmer

“Fancy” is one way to describe this trimmer: thanks to its appearance and beautiful packaging it’s a brilliant choice if you want to surprise your husband, son or friend. All metal body design with engravings looks expensive, and the trimmer head is made of stainless steel mixed with titanium and a little bit of plastic – and don’t worry, we’ll talk about it in more detail.

Trimmer is packed in a box and comes with a set of 4 guide combs, a USB cable and a cleaning brush – basically everything you need to test the product once you have received it.

Vintage T9 Trimmer


Customers agree that in general Vintage T9 Trimmer operates “very well”: it has very sharp blades and a nano-grade alloy sharp angle cutter head, and the design prevents the hair from clogging – it just falls off to the side. The blades are washable, so they are easy to clean and maintain as well. It is pretty doable to shave not only your beard but the whole head with this trimmer, and adding guide combs will give room to try many different ways to style your facial hair.

Remember we mentioned a tiny bit of plastic at the head of the trimmer? Actually, it matters a lot, since it’s the moving part that is prone to breaking – and once it is broken, the whole calliper goes to the bin, so keep that in mind.

Another notable feature is a powerful 10 W high-power rotary motor – and the good thing is that it’s not that loud for a powerful hair clipper as well.

Power consumption

Charging is the tricky part since there are two options available: one with the removable 18650 battery and the other with an in-build charging port. The first one might not be the most convenient option, as each time the battery “dies” you’ll have to twist the bottom cap of the trimmer, take out the battery, recharge it for 2.5-3 hours and then put it back (it already sounds like a long process!). However, it’s perfect in terms of power consumption from the long-term perspective. Some of the customers even found a solution to the problem: you can purchase two or three 18650 batteries, keep them charged and replace them at once when needed.

As for the trimmer with an in-built charging port, just plug in the USB and wait for 3 hours for the battery to fully charge, which gives you approximately 300 minutes of usage time. An LCD will show the battery percentage. The good news is that AliExpress usually offers the Vintage T9 Trimmer with an in-build charging port, so you probably won’t have to deal with removable batteries.

Pros and cons

Vintage T9 Trimmer

Now its time to sum up – and we’ll do it by making a list of the Vintage T9 Trimmer’s advantages first:

  • one of the best offers on AliExpress in terms of price-performance ratio;
  • nice design makes a perfect gift;
  • made entirely of metal except for tiny plastic part;
  • guide combs and cleaning brush included;
  • sharp washable blades: easy to trim, easy to maintain;
  • powerful motor;
  • not very noisy;
  • fast charging, long usage time.

On the bad side, the model has its disadvantages as well – not that significant, but still important to mention:

  • head’s moving part is made of plastic – once broken, the trimmer will be useless;
  • power consumption depends on a charging method;
  • some customers complained that the trimmer stopped charging after 2-3 months.


It’s safe to say that while Vintage T9 Trimmer might not be the best hair clipper on AliExpress (there are issues with plastic elements and charging methods after all), it still stands a good chance – especially if you are looking for a cheap and powerful device to conveniently style your hair at home. And in case you need to quickly come up with a nice present to surprise a man, this trimmer is a good option too! The fancy design and decent packaging make it a perfect gift.


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